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Why AC Is Not Cooling?

Why AC Is Not Cooling?

Your AC is meant to keep your home at the temperature you have set on the thermostat and, like some unfortunate homeowners, you want to know why AC is not cooling your home. With the Atlanta heat and humidity, if anything goes wrong, you are sure to notice. Whether your AC seems to be running for hours or your home just doesn’t seem to get to that cool temperature you have programmed, troubleshooting your AC is key to keeping your utility costs down. Some problems stem from poor installation techniques and others from problems that can occur throughout the life of your HVAC system. Having an expert HVAC repair technician to diagnose and fix why AC is not cooling is key to extending the life of your system. If your AC is limping along in this Georgia heat, you may have a few issues that need to be rectified to feel that rush of cold air again.

AC Not Cooling? Troubleshoot like a Pro!

Check Your Air Filter

dirty air filter that is restricting air flow

We so often come into customers’ homes and find an air filter so clogged that it restricts air flow. Some systems will even freeze up and stop blowing air completely.

The most common reason for restrictions in your air flow are so often a dirty air filter that has been neglected. Check your air filter and make sure to keep it changed according to manufacturer settings. This is the easiest thing you can do as a homeowner to help reduce repair costs and keep your AC running at its peak.

Your Thermostat is Malfunctioning

What a great piece of technology. With the press of a button you can increase or decrease the temps in your home. Some learning and programmable thermostats even know your schedule, when you are home, when you leave, and what makes you comfortable and they adjust accordingly. When you thermostat is not turning on your AC or maintaining your room’s temperature as programmed, you need the professional AC repair technicians in Marietta, Ga to come out and diagnose the problem. Before making the call to have your thermostat checked, change your batteries! This can be an easy fix that you can accomplish on your own!

Your Coolant is Leaking or Low

Your AC system is a sealed system. In a properly functioning HVAC system, you should not have to recharge your coolant or have a need for refill. However things may happen. Over time, due to wear and tear, vibrations, and hours of use, your system may develop small leaks that can decrease the performance of your cooling capabilities. This problem can be easily handled with the right tools and knowledge that your expert HVAC technicians come equipped with.

Your AC is Not Properly Sized to Your Home

Let’s face it, not every homeowner is familiar with the ins and outs of everything HVAC and they look to the experts for know how. When purchasing a new HVAC system, make sure to qualify the company that you are having install your equipment. HVAC equipment is designed to heat and cool a certain square footage of space, based on the size of unit. Too small of a unit for your space, and it won’t be able to keep up the demand for cooling. Too large of unit, and the temperature may be lowered but the humidity in the air may not be removed due to too short of a cycle time.

Your Coils are Dirty

Dirty evaporator or condenser coils cause a restriction in air flow which in turn may not allow your system to perform to specifications and cool properly. Regular preventative maintenance prevents the build-up of grime in your system. While it may seem like a minute problem to have, any restriction to air flow can cause your system to work harder and shortens the life of your unit.

If you are just not feeling that ice cold air coming from your vents, make sure to have your problem diagnosed and AC repaired by Atlanta’s top HVAC service company. With over 28,000 5 star and A+ reviews and properly screened and trained employees, you will be back to cool in no time! Contact Casteel and schedule online for a 10% discount of your service call fee. (not to be combined with any other offers or discounts)