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The Casteel Team Gives Back for the Holidays 2016

The Casteel Team Gives Back for the Holidays 2016

One of the most rewarding experiences is when you realize how generous of a team you have the pleasure of working with each day. This year, the Casteel team came together in a variety of ways to help those in need in our community.

MUST Ministries is an organization that the Casteel team greatly believes in and has volunteered for over the years. This holiday season, Casteel employees had the opportunity to buy into a number of game rounds and raffles in support of MUST Ministries. All proceeds would go towards helping the needs of the children staying at the local shelter. These children have needs for even some of the most basic items such as socks and undergarments. The Casteel team raised well over $1500 and President/Owner, John Hillis, matched the generosity of the employees.

Shortly prior to Christmas, the Hillis family took the donations and went shopping for the families staying at the shelter. Gift bags were filled with socks, toys and numbers of other necessities and delivered them to MUST Ministries just in time for Christmas. Below are just a few of the delivered gift bags.

Another one of the many ways that Casteel spreads the holiday cheer is by choosing a number of Christmas wishes from the 104.7 the Fish Christmas Wish program. This year Casteel granted 3 separate wishes. Each family had specific needs that required Casteel’s heating, cooling, plumbing or electrical services and it was a pleasure meeting with these families and offering some much needed assistance.

Upon our visit to these families, we had the opportunity to meet Paxton Uhlis. The Uhlis family was met with many challenges in the past year upon the diagnosis of 5 year old Paxton’s -Chiari Malformation. He has faced 3 surgeries in the past year, seizures, mini strokes, headaches and will face numbers of surgeries in his lifetime. When we met Paxton, his spirit was infectious. We learned more of the Uhlis story upon sitting with mom, Kelly. Kelly left her job to care for Paxton and father, Tom serves the citizens as an Atlanta police officer. He picks up as many shifts as he can to support the family and pay for the mounting medical bills.

John Hillis & Paxton

Casteel provided the Uhlis family with w new water heater, dishwasher, microwave and assisted with a water leak. Casteel also provided Christmas gifts for Paxton and big brother Rocco. After our first meeting with Paxton we wanted to do more. Knowing that Paxton was undergoing yet another surgery just 3 days after Christmas, Casteel wanted to make the first of the year easy for the Uhlis family and offered $1000 in grocery gift cards and also paid for 1 month’s mortgage to help ease their minds as their focus is on Paxton’s next surgery.

Paxton at the Hospital

The Uhlis Family

This year, the Casteel team has made a true difference in the lives of many. There is no better feeling than seeing the goodness pour from those that your work with.

We ask that you too pay it forward and consider donating your time and talent to MUST Ministries or help the Uhlis family. You can learn more about the Uhlis story here. From all of us at Casteel, a very Happy Holiday season to you!