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Things You Should Think About When Replacing Your HVAC

Things You Should Think About When Replacing Your HVAC

Have you noticed changes in your Heating and Cooling quality. Maybe your bills seem a little high in comparison to others. Frequent breakdowns with your HVAC system becoming an inconvenience? There comes a point in time when you know you have to make the change. If that is the case, preparation is key to making the right decision for your metro Atlanta household. Remember the following points:

What is driving your replacement?

  • Frequent Breakdowns- The cost of repairs, time and inconvenience can absolutely warrant a replacement. Consider the age of your system and in many cases this is a ‘no brainer.’ Remember that when you get a new HVAC system, you also get a new warranty and often times an added value in a free preventative maintenance to help maintain your system for you.
  • High Utility Bills- You can absolutely cut your utility costs by up to 40% or more with the upgrade to a new higher efficient system. The best person to provide you with a more accurate idea is one of our System Design Managers. They can factor in your home sizing, systems needed, current system and much more and provide you with an estimate of savings. If you are sitting on an old system, the utility savings alone will pay for the unit.
  • Do you want the new features coming out with the new systems- Is your unit loud? Maybe you like the idea of a dual fuel system. You like the new learning thermostats but you can’t get the full benefit out of them because of your aging system. If you like to be in the now and get all of the benefits of new technology, this is a good enough reason to consider a new HVAV system.

What is it that You Want from Your New System?

With new and innovative technology, there are so many more things that you can expect from a new HVAC system.What is most important to you?

  • lowered utility bills
  • quiet system
  • Wifi thermostat
  • Monitoring Technology
  • New Warranty
  • Better Indoor Air Quality

Learn the various features from Casteel’s System Design Managers and prioritize what is best for you.

With the ever changing advancements in the HVAC space, you can look forward to a number of upgrades in comparison to your aging system. The System Design Managers at Casteel can help you discover the numbers of ways that a new system can positively impact your life and save you on your monthly expenses. Contact Casteel today at 770-565-5884 and schedule your FREE IN HOME ESTIMATE for a new HVAC System in Atlanta.