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Your Toilet Is Not a Trash Can

Your Toilet Is Not a Trash Can

“Out of sight, out of Mind” is not a slogan you should live by when it comes to your toilet. It’s easy; toss it in and with the flush of a handle your waste is gone. Remember your toilet is NOT a trash can and there is a long lost of items that you should not flush regardless if you are on a septic tank or sewer. A clogged main line can wreak havoc on your home and if you’ve ever had your sewer back up or smelled a backed up septic, you would never consider tossing anything other than biodegradable toilet paper down the drain. It’s just plain awful.

Here’s a quick list of What NOT to Flush down your toilet:

1)Baby Wipes, Diapers, Sanitary Products and Disposable Hygiene Wipes- For many this seems like an easy recommendation to follow but these items are on the top of the list of things that often clog toilets and drain lines. While the wipes may be marketed as “flushable and disposable” and some even will say “septic safe,” they are significantly thicker than regular toilet paper and the recommendation is to use and toss in the trash can. If you’ve ever seen a filled diaper, you know how much they can expand. Never stick a diaper down the toilet or you will surely have a clog that will be hard to plunge.

2) Hair- Don’t flush your hair. If you have long hair, you know how tangly it can be. Hair wads up into clumps and traps all sorts of material. Whether it be your sink drain or toilet, it’s best to toss any excess hair in the trash can. This applies to your pet hair also.

3)Kitty Litter- Yes,we’ve seen clumping kitty litter tossed down the drain and this is just a very bad idea. Even though the litter particles themselves are small, they can caught in your drain (maybe on that hair your flushed the other day) and cause a massive clog. Stick with the old fashioned way of bagging and tossing the litter vs. sending excess down the drain. That also goes for kitty poop as well. Although the toilet is meant for #2, when it is scooped out of and covered in kitty litter, it does not soften and flush easily.

4) Medication- The problem with flushing medication is not as much to prevent clogs as it is to prevent contamination to our water supply. It is a misconception that flushing medications is the best and safest way to dispose of your expired or extra meds, but if you will consult with your local pharmacy, they can direct you to the appropriate disposal facilities.

5) Food, Fats and Oils- Again, it seems easy to just pour that liquid grease down the toilet but as it travels down your pipes, it solidifies and sticks to the pipe walls, hair or anything else that is lingering down the sewer. The solidified grease will just act like glue and trap anything else that makes its way down the line and will begin the makings of a massive clog. Even a fast moving toilet flush will not prevent the fats and oils from solidifying. It’s best to grab an empty coffee can container and use that to hold your excess grease.

6) Cigarette Butts, Plastic, QTips, Cardboard, Toys– pretty much anything that doesn’t start to degrade in a glass of water within seconds is not meant to be flushed. If you have a septic, these classic items will just clog your trap and cause a back up. These are definitely “never flush” items.

If it’s not #1, #2, or biodegradable toilet paper, toss it in the trash and not down the toilet. You’ll save yourself a ton of headache in the long run. However, if you do find you have a clog that just won’t budge, contact Casteel today. Voted #1 Best Pick Plumber in Metro Atlanta but Home Improvement Magazine, Casteel is your one call to clog free flushing! Schedule Today!