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Why Isn't My Heat Keeping Up With the Cold and Blowing Cold Air?

Why Isn't My Heat Keeping Up With the Cold and Blowing Cold Air?

The chill is in the air and you know the heat is running but you just aren’t warming up. If you feel like your fingers and toes just won’t warm up and you’re not getting warm air flow, your heat may just not be keeping up with you! Don’t panic just yet. Here are a few reasons why you may not be feeling the warmth:

Your system is turned to On and not Auto

When you system is turned to “on,” even when the heat is not heating, the fan will continue to blow air. You will feel the airflow but it will not be warming the room, just circulating air throughout. Turn your thermostat to Auto.

Your Air Filter is Dirty

A dirty air filter restricts the air flow through your system. Make sure that you are changing out your air filter as needed and that the new air filter is installed properly. If you want your system running and its peak, start with maintaining your air filters.

You Have a Heat Pump

If you have experience with a gas furnace in the past and now have a heat pump, the heat you feel coming from your vents feels cooler than that of a gas furnace. Gas Furnaces produce heat that can be even 20 degrees hotter than that of a heat pump. This does not mean you have a problem, heat pumps are designed differently. Just as long as your home is reaching the temperatures that you have programmed into your thermostat, your system is working as intended.

You Need a Tune Up

Tune Ups maintain your system and check all of the working components. This is key to assuring your system is running in tip top shape and as intended. Your HVAC expert can comb through your system and verify that your air flow is correct, your thermostat is working, the heat that is coming from your vents are at the correct temperature and so forth. Don’t skip the preventative maintenance which is designed to extend the life of your system. Think of it similar to a car’s oil change schedule.

Check Your Thermostat’s Program

Make sure that your program allows for enough time for your heat to warm up the home before your arrival or you will come home thinking that your heater is not functioning properly. A well planned program will make sure that you are always comfortable. Look into wifi programmable thermostats such as the Nest thermostat. It learns your schedule without you having to lift a finger.

Your System is Old or Not Sized Properly for Your Home

It happens. Your system will get to the point that it is just time for a replacement. From cost effectiveness to comfort, the time will come. Some systems may have just not been calculated properly to begin with to accommodate your size of home. Either one of these scenarios require a System Design Manager to evaluate your needs and home.

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