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How Does HVAC Technology Help the Consumer?

How Does HVAC Technology Help the Consumer?

Now days most products are either WiFi capable, provide alerts, or are capable of giving you recommendations to better your budget and lifestyle. The HVAC industry was not overlooked in the technological movement. With a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, knowing which HVAC products and upgrades are most beneficial to your lifestyle are key to living easy, comfortable and well.

Technology in HVAC : What’s Out There?

  • Products that Help Reduce Your Utility Bills
    • Programmable Thermostat– Electronics such as the Nest learning thermostat, are great at helping you reduce your utility costs but minimizing system usage when it is not needed and maximize your comfort. By recognizing your location, the system learns your schedule. It can also turn off the HVAC system when you are not home just by tracking your cell phone. You can turn your system on when you’ re heading back home via the Nest app and your thermostat will turn your HVAC to your desired temp remotely. When your system is not running, you’re saving money! The best part is that you don’t even have to think about turning your system on or off. With wifi capability, programmable thermostats recognize you and your phone and know when you are home!
  • Products that Help Increase Your Comfort
    • Ductless Mini Split Systems– These HVAC systems provide the homeowner with flexible options to heating and cooling spaces. Not only are they efficient but they can be zoned to provide catered comfort! Mini Split systems offer room by room temperature control giving you flexibility to have different temps in various rooms. Not only will you be pleased with the customization, the installation process is also flexible. The lack of traditional “in wall” ducts allows for a much easier installation process.
    • Electronic Air Filtration– Each year, the pollen becomes unbearable in Atlanta. Homeowners close the windows and minimized outside air time to help prevent itchy eyes, sneezing fits and runny noses. Electronic Air Filters are the best option to remove all pollutants and particles from the air. With some being even as advanced as some you would find in hospital settings, installing electronic air filtration as a HVAC system enhancer will make sure your air is clean and free of contaminants! Not only will your allergy systems be reduced, but your risk of illnesses will be as well!
  • Products that Help Maintain the Life of Your HVAC
    • Self Diagnosing HVAC System Technology – It never fails. It is the hottest or coldest day in Atlanta and your HVAC system breaks down. With self diagnosing system technology such as the ComfortGuard, your system can alert you to possible needed repairs. Whether it be regular preventative maintenance alerts or problem alerts, monitoring technology provides you with the edge to keep comfortable during each system. Not only do these advanced technologies alert you to potential problems, but also your trusted HVAC company. Preventative maintenance and increasing system longevity has never been easier for a homeowner. Simple phone apps will give you the needed analytics to understand the functioning of your system.

We as consumers research cell phone features, car safety features and even appliance technology, but often the HVAC system is overlooked. With so many new and advanced features, you will have the chance to increase your energy efficiency, save money, extend the life of your system and customize your comfort. Don’t be left in the stone age with your HVAC system. Consider adding some of these features to your existing HVAC system or adding them on to your system replacement. The advances in technology are worth the small spend. Contact Casteel’s HVAC team today to discover how small advances can make you more comfortable.