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Hydro Jetting or Drain Snake? Which is Right for my Plumbing Problem?

Hydro Jetting or Drain Snake? Which is Right for my Plumbing Problem?

Water damage is on the top of the list of insurance claims and if you’ve had a clog or leak, you know that water seeps into every nook and cranny and can cause an incredible amount of damage. A clogged drain line can wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Fats, oils and greases are among the many things that can build up in your drain line and cause a plumbing backup.

Are you a home or business owner who pours grease down the drain followed by hot water? Hot water and a little dish soap is NOT the answer to flushing your pipes. Is your drain a catch all when you wash the dishes? Drain buildup is a common problem and Casteel has 2 great solutions for you if you discover you have a clogged drain:

Plumbing Snake:

A “drain snake” is also known as a plumbing auger and is designed to bore a hole in your blockage and/or push through it. Depending on the type of clog it can also pull the clog out. The auger itself is a metal tube that is pushed through the drain all the way to the blockage. The plumber holds a crank that extends the auger through the pipes until it is extended to the blockage.

  • PRO: Ideal for small blockages.
  • PRO: Great alternative to failed plunger attempts
  • PRO: Can diagnose more severe blockages such as tree roots which are more difficult to break through.
  • PRO: Great for slow drains such as sink drains that may be clogged with leftover food.
  • CON: The blockage is not necessarily removed.
  • CON: Not a permanent solution to blockages as fat, grease, oil, and other blockage build up or not removed, just broken through to allow water flow.

Drain Snake In Toilet

Hydro Jetter:

You’ve seen pressure washers to get the dirt and grime off of your home, car, furniture etc.. These are solely based on pressurizing water to create an intense stream of water to blast away grime off of the surface you are cleaning. Plumbing Hydro Jetters use the same concept of pressuring water but the surfaces that are cleaned are those inside of your plumbing pipes. A hydro jetter uses a hose and nozzle that is inserted into a drain. The plumber uses various nozzle heads and water pressure to not just break through a clog, but clean your lines of it completely. A hydro jetter can even blast through tree roots and remove them completely from your drain lines.

  • PRO: Clogs and Blockages are removed.
  • PRO: Pipes are cleaned to a “like new” condition blasting away hard dirt, grime and blockages.
  • PRO: Can clear almost any clog.
  • PRO: Can be used to clean a variety of lines such as french drains, landscaping drains and indoor plumbing.
  • PRO: Great for commercial settings to provide drain maintenance on heavily used drain lines.
  • CONS: Must be used by a professional plumber.
  • CONS: More expensive than utilizing drain snake plumbing repairs (but it does remove the clog)
  • CONS: Not every plumber can do this – make sure you hire someone who is properly trained.
  • CONS: Does have higher risks if your pipes are damaged or weak due to the high water pressure.

If you have a clog in your pipes or slow flowing drains, the professional plumbers at Casteel can help you choose between the 2 options that will clear your clog. Contact Casteel today!