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What is High Pressure Jetting?

What is High Pressure Jetting?

We hear about plumbing disasters from many of our metro Atlanta customers. Overflowing toilets, flooded basements, water damage to commercial buildings such as schools, restaurants, apartment complexes; are all things that business and home owners dread. Excess “gunk and grime” in your sewer and drain lines can wreak havoc on your plumbing system and cause costly amounts of damage and inconvenience to your home or business. Regular maintenance is key in preventing backups and high pressure water jetting is a great way to get the job done right.

High Pressure water jetting is just that. Water that is under pressure that comes from a nozzle and clears any and all blockages in your drain by jetting through the gunk.. it even blasts through tree roots! If you have ever pressure washed your home or business, you know how effective pressurized water can be in cleaning and clearing the unnecessary extras. The same applies to your drain line. If you are someone who uses a lot of grease, uses your drain like a trash can, has trees close to your home and main drain; high pressure jetting is your answer to keeping those lines clear and clean like the day they were installed.

Casteel has invested in a high pressure water jetter that is easily towed to your home or facility to help home and business owners maintain and unclog their drain lines and prevent future clogs. Using just ordinary water, and with the use of a number of nozzle heads, we are able to clear your clog without chemicals. By just inserting the nozzle into your drain , and with the proper training and know how, using high pressure we can even cut through tree roots and hardened grease that has invaded your pipes. Your drain line will be “like new” and the process is environmentally safe! High pressure jetting can be used on a number of sizes of pipes and is not limited to just your drain line, providing great benefit to homeowners you may be experienced frequent clogs.

With the technology that Casteel’s ‘US Jetting’ hydro jetter provides, there is no match for tree roots, grease, grime, dirt & gravel, and any other debris that clogs your pipes and wreaks havoc in your home and business. Experience is crucial when using high powered equipment. The Casteel Plumbing team has been specially trained to utilize this equipment in a variety of settings:

  • residential drain clogs
  • restaurants
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • apartment/retirement communities
  • municipalities
  • golf courses
  • hotels
  • drain tile (“french drains”)
  • landscaping and gutter drains
  • swimming pool drains

While some situations warrant the standard “snake” technique in removing a clog in home and residential plumbing, a hydro jetter not only gets the water flowing again but it also cleans your pipes. Casteel offers a hydro jetting option to business and homeowners. Contact Casteel today!