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Free Freon - It's Really Free!

Free Freon - It's Really Free!

You’ve heard our radio jingle… “You Won’t Pay For Freon!” That IS the case when you repair a leak in your HVAC system or replace your aging HVAC system with Casteel. Listen to our jingle and read on to see how you can keep your home cool and comfortable and save yourself from paying for refrigerant.

Nothing Is Free In Life – Until Now

People say “nothing is really free in life.” The concept of creative marketing can be seen everywhere, from Buy One Get One Free promotions to flash sales and deep discounts. As companies ‘one up’ each other to draw the attention of potential customers, the certainty of getting a great deal is in the customer’s favor. When customer service and great deals meet, the customer is ALWAYS the winner and that is exactly what Casteel has provided with the continued Atlanta promotion of “Free Freon,” with any HVAC System Leak Repair or HVAC Full System Replacement.

Casteel has been at the forefront of creating excellent opportunities for our customers and making sure that they are indeed taken Amazing Care of. The EPA has mandated that the refrigerant R-22, most often called by the brand name of “Freon”, be phased out and replaced with other ‘greener’ refrigerants. However, many customers still have HVAC systems that require the use of R-22. As recent as 2010, homeowners were still able to purchase and install a HVAC system that requires the use of R-22 refrigerant. With Casteel’s large number of customers, we prepared in advance to make sure that you stay cool in the summer time and are properly serviced when something goes wrong. As the price increased on this refrigerant, Casteel made sure to have enough of this refrigerant on hand to accommodate those customers that had systems that were just not ready for replacement. While the government has allowed plenty of notice for customers to upgrade their systems to those that use ‘greener’ refrigerants, there are still many homeowner who have systems that have quite a bit of life left in them.

It has been identified that it is caustic to our environment to have any refrigerant, including R-22, leak into the atmosphere and Casteel wants to make sure to do our part in helping the environment. In the late 90’s the EPA mandated that all ozone depleting refrigerants be phased out by 2020 in Section 608 of the Clean Air Act. While the EPA may recommend that all systems be upgraded to greener options, the reality is that this may not be in every homeowner’s budget or need. For this among many reasons, Casteel created the “Free Freon” program – to provide options for customers. If you have a system that has a diagnosed leak, Casteel will provide you Free Freon with the repair of that leak. Not only are we helping prevent irreparable damage to our ozone by assuring any leaks are repaired, but we are also able to keep our customers cool through the Atlanta summers at a fraction of the cost. Free Freon can save you hundreds of dollars, especially with the rising R-22 costs.

So, is Freon Free? It sure is! Casteel prepared for this scenario years ago. We knew that as the phase out began of R-22 that there would be growing pains. As the prices started to rise sky high for Freon, Casteel had already acquired enough R-22 refrigerant to make sure that we could accommodate our customers who were not yet in the new system buying cycle but had a need for a leak repair and freon refill. For those customers that are in need of a new HVAC system, Casteel will provide you Free Freon when you replace your system as well. You won’t see a refrigerant charge on your estimate! Both R-22 and R-410a are included in this money saving promotion.

Casteel is offering Free Freon with any leak repair or system replacement – no catch! Remember, this is for a limited time. As our excess quantity is depleted, this long and successful program will be over! That’s not all you get from Casteel… You always get the service of an award winning company. With over 17,000 5 star and A+ reviews, you will find comfort in knowing that you have hired the top company in Atlanta. Casteel’s reputation in providing Amazing Care is UNDISPUTED!

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