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How to Survive Spring in Atlanta- Attack of the Pollen

How to Survive Spring in Atlanta- Attack of the Pollen

The pollen count is already taking up air time on the news and radio in metro Atlanta. While it may only be early March, it is clear that spring has sprung. Flowers are blooming, trees are starting to bud and birds can be heard chirping away with songs of springtime. As the pollen count will surely only rise from here, are you going to be one that will feel the effects of itchy eyes and a scratchy throat? Will your future hold the permanent haze of allergy medication or maybe you'll be lucky and come out at the end of spring seasonal allergy season unscathed.

To survive the pollen filled Atlanta spring, you will need more in your arsenal than allergy medicine, tissue and eye drops. There are numbers of permanent investments that homeowners can add to their living space to clear the air of the pollen dust and make it breathable without the added sneezes. To better your air quality, having the right tools will help you prevent the dreaded springtime blues and allow you to enjoy the mild weather and sunshine days that we all look forward to.

By taking these steps, you can quickly better your air quality and rid yourself of seasonal allergies.

  • Change Your Air Filter– Make sure you take the time to change your air filter prior to pollen season. Although we don't recommend it for those with seasonal allergies, if you do keep your windows open, change your air filter more frequently to get the best air filtration possible.
  • Consider Upgrading to a Media Air Filter or even to Electronic Filtration– Both are better choice to provide your home with cleaner air and can even decrease your HVAC system operating costs. Electronic air filtration, such as the Trane Clean Effects Air Cleaner, is so efficient that it not only purifies your air but actually creates a healthier environment in your home by removing even the smallest of contaminants.
  • Think Plants-and not the kind that make you sneeze- Consider bringing in air purifying plants into your home vs. their dust collecting fake counterparts. Popular plants such as the Peace Lily, the Boston Fern, Aloe Vera or the Ficus plant. NASA research shows that houseplants offer numbers of benefits, one of which include purifying the air.
  • Spring Cleaning - Just Do It- Wash the drapes, your bed linens and comforters, give your rugs a good vacuum, dust the tops of cabinetry and light fixtures, and don't forget under all the couches, furniture, appliances and your baseboards. While it may seem a daunting task to clean every nook and cranny in your home, dust collects and just adds to the uncomfortable irritants in the air once spring time comes. Give your house a good thorough cleaning and your nose will thank you.
  • Don't Forget to Dust Your Ducts- This is just one more spring time precaution to take to help make your home's air breathable and prevent you from walking around in an allergy medicine haze. Dust lurks everywhere, even in your HVAC ducts.

With just a few adjustments and changes, you may just help decrease if not eliminate your spring time allergies. When the pollen hits, follow these quick and easy steps and come out of the springtime pollen attack free of runny noses and itchy eyes. Contact Casteel today to discuss how you can better your indoor air quality.