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Should the Buyer Beware in the Case of Hiring a Tradesman?

Should the Buyer Beware in the Case of Hiring a Tradesman?

ContractorsWork force shortages in the skilled trades are now causing employers to scramble to find qualified and dependable employees. Often times, skilled tradesman can request higher pays and better benefits, dependent upon their experience. Companies are so desperate, that some are creating optimum work environments and desirable compensation packages geared at attracting top tradesmen.

As baby boomers in the skilled trades continue retiring, qualified replacements are difficult to find. The demand for skilled workers is just increasing and will create a great shortage in the coming years. The lack of proper training programs and school age recruitment towards careers in plumbing, hvac, welding and electrical careers only adds to the inability to fill open positions. Metro Atlanta is just one of the major cities across the nation that is affected.

As a consumer of these trades, the outlook for you can involve increased pricing as companies increase labor costs to accommodate hiring qualified, clean cut, dependable and trained professionals. When hiring a plumbing, hvac or electrical company, it is also important to do your research. With the lack of workers, some companies will cut their costs and hire less than desirable workers, paying them less. You end up with an unskilled tradesman and a quote that you may accept because it is lower than rest. The company fills their quota of jobs, with the potential of providing you less than desirable work. Buyer Beware.

"Now Hiring" opportunities can be found all over metro Atlanta If you are indeed one of these qualified workers. You may just find yourself writing your own success story. With a great track record, dependability, and proper training, companies that want the best, are willing to pay you top dollar and offer you excellent benefits. Remember, before hopping from one company to the next using this to your advantage, much weight is often put on longevity at a job as well. Do your research and find a company that you can see yourself working for at a salary that makes you feel appreciated.

With emphasis being put on a university and college paths in high schools, and the lack of skilled trade training programs, the massive shortage that are plaguing metro Atlanta and cities across the United States will only continue. Thankfully, apprentice programs and companies such as Casteel, who are willing to nurture and train desirable candidates, are becoming increasingly popular. The great news is that the outlook is quite bright for future skilled tradesman, and many are writing their tickets to a better career.

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