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Toilets that You Have to See to Believe

Toilets that You Have to See to Believe

“The Throne,” “The Porcelain Bowl,” “The John,” we call it so many things but most of us have a standard white bowl with no fancy bells and whistles. There are some that take their creativity or needs to the next level and bring it right to the bathroom. You would never believe that these toilets exist and have to see them for yourself!

Check out these clever, fancy and just plain off the wall creations that are used to do the same thing… flush your unwanted unmentionables.

The Lazy Boy’s Toilet
leather toilet

Toilets With A Midas Touch
gold toilet

Blinged Out Toilet
crystal toilet

A Toilet From Way Back When
toilet thrown

It’s Getting A Bit Fishy
fish tank toilet

A Toilet For Any King
crown toilet

You Might Get A Bit Cold Using This Toilet
ice toilet

Who Says You Can’t Share Everything
couples toilet

Why, did you have broccoli?
glass toilet

How would you even use this?
sideways toilet

The Artsy Fartsy Toilet
Artistic Toilet

The Toilet Trike
Motorcycle Toilet

That 70’s Toilet
Couch Toilet

Hope You Find This One Before You Have To Go!t
Camo Toilet

The Laughing John
Man On Toilet

The One Hit Wonder
Guitar Toilet

Multitasking At It’s Best
Portable toilet

“Living In The Dump” Has A Whole New Meaning Now.
Toilet Shaped House