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Get Your Home Ready for Summer with Help from an Electrician

Get Your Home Ready for Summer with Help from an Electrician

It is HOT in Atlanta and while y0ur mind may be solely on making sure your AC is up to par and ready for those high 90’s, an electrician can help you prepare for the heat and humidity you will be feeling in Marietta, Alpharetta, down to Atlanta, as well as other metro areas. Your thinking is correct, performing your HVAC regular maintenance is incredibly important to keeping you cool, but these few tips and tricks can assist you in getting your home ready for the upcoming summer heat:

  1. Install Ceiling Fans- If you don’t have ceiling fans in all of your indoor and outdoor living spaces, get some installed right away! Ceiling fans help move the air around your room not only making it more comfortable for you, but also distributing the cool air throughout the home. They are generally easy to install into most rooms and inexpensive to run. The comfort that comes from ceiling fans greatly outweighs the minimal costs of installation and operation.
  2. What is an Attic Fan and why do I need on?–The whole point of the attic fan is to remove the hot air from the attic and bring in cooler air from the outside. While we may think that the air outside is not cool, in comparison to the attic space which is heated by the sun beating on the dark roof shingles, the air the attic fan pulls in from the exterior is much cooler than the existing attic air. The attic fan can also increase your home’s efficiency by reducing the temperature in the attic which can in turn cause your HVAC system to work less. Lowering the heat can also help extend the life of your shingles.
  3. Set all heat producing electronics such as lamps or tv’s away from your thermostat. If need be, have your electrician install new electrical outlets away from your thermostat so that you can save on energy. The thermostat reads the rooms temperature and if it is reading higher, your AC will run longer- costing you money.

While these 3 tips may not be the only tasks that your electrician can handle for you, they will get you on your way to having a cooler and more efficient summer. If you have any electrical needs or just want a professional electrician provide you with a whole home electrical inspection, contact Casteel.