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How to Childproof Electrical Outlets

How to Childproof Electrical Outlets

If you were to get on your hands and knees and take a look at your surroundings through the height of a toddler, you would see nothing but hazards; electrical cords, electrical outlets, charger cords, and a countless array of electronics which are all at comfortable reach. As many times as you urge your child away from these hazards, it only takes one quick moment for your child to become interested in all things “no.” As much as these electronics are part of our everyday lives, they certainly are not designed with your baby’s safety in mind.

We know that babies and electronics just don’t go well together. Do you know where to start?

How to Childproof Your Electrical Outlets:

Look at the electric receptacle through the eyes of your 2 year old. I see a two eyes and a mouth. A hungry mouth that is just waiting to be filled with anything that fits! If you think about all of the toddler learning toys, many are geared towards discovering various items and shapes that fit into holes of all sizes. Is this any different? Make sure that you cover these electrical outlets with covers and you will have accomplished the fastest and easiest step to baby proofing your home to prevent electrical shock. You can easily purchase packages of outlet covers in bulk and within minutes have your home secured!

How to Childproof your Electrical Cords and Power Strips:

We have countless items in our home that require power. Just think: radios, Google Home, TV’s, gaming systems, lights, phone chargers, computers, kitchen appliances, tools… the list just goes on. Many of these electronics have cords that are just left hanging in perfect view for your toddler to grab. Oops, your baby grabbed a hold of your charging cord and pulled it out of the wall, what do you think he will do next? Try to plug it back in of course!

Whether it be a cord or power strip, try to keep the cords as short as possible. You can use zip ties to secure wrapped cords so that there are no attractive, long cords in perfect reach of your toddler. This also prevents your wandering toddlers from tripping on loose and exposed cords and keeps the cords out of teething babies mouths. Keep any open outlet receptacles secure with a outlet safety cover and same or the power strips. If you are not using all receptacles, secure them as well.

Remember that extension cords are meant to be temporary solutions to your power needs. A professional licensed electrician can easily create a new outlet for you and will help prevent the hazards caused by long extension cords. While it may seem like a good solution to tape cords to the floor, this is NOT the best option for your home’s safety. Remember, baby proofing should NOT create potential hazards in your home.

Speaking of Hazards- Keep Your Electronics on a Higher Level Secured:

While the TV, gaming system, or radio may seem very sturdy on that high entertainment center, just a pull of the cord can cause it to crash down right on top of your child. Make sure that you have secured these items to the flat surfaces. Keep cords tucked away. Secure the cabinets to the wall so there is no risk of tipping. While this is not as common of a hazard as electrical outlet hazards, it is a potential hazard that you do not want to risk.

Electricity and babies definitely don’t mix but with a few easy steps, you can easily prevent potential hazards and lower the risks associated with electrical shock. The electricians at Casteel can assist you in helping create better options for your electrical needs. Whether it be creating a new outlet, moving an outlet or just a whole home electrical safety inspection, the professional master electricians will have you covered!