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How To Troubleshoot Your Broken AC Like a Pro

How To Troubleshoot Your Broken AC Like a Pro

Hot! Hot! Hot! But your A/C isn’t keeping you cool. Temperatures are rising in and around Atlanta and the one thing you need to rely on is your A/C keeping up with the heat and humidity. When things go wrong and you feel warm air coming from your vents, don’t panic. What about when you notice a frozen AC unit? Do you grab the hair dryer or call your HVAC team? Troubleshoot your HVAC problems like a professional with these tips:


You hear your HVAC system running but it just doesn’t seem to be cooling your home. First take a look at your thermostat and make sure that it is set to cool and that it is functioning properly. Next, go outside and take a look at your condenser unit. Is it blocked, covered, overgrown, or dirty? Remove anything covering the unit such as vegetation and take the hose and give it a good rinse or two. Inspect the outside of the unit to check for any damage.

If either of those troubleshooting tips don’t get the AC to run and lower the temperature in your home, you could have a more serious problem that can involve the Freon / refrigerant or the mechanical components of your system such as a non functioning compressor. Call your HVAC pro’s to diagnose and repair the problem.


Your AC is not running at all and the temperature in your home is going up. If your thermostat is set to cool, you have it set to a comfortable temperature and the AC is not running when the temperature in your home is higher than your desired temp, you may have a HVAC problem. Double check your thermostat setting just to be certain. Next, check your electrical panel and make sure that the breaker is not tripped and the unit is receiving power at the panel. Is your outdoor unit running? If not, double check to see if your system has any type of reset options/buttons that you can use to reset the system. Lastly, double check the disconnect box outside near the unit. If there are any switches our breakers inside, you may want to double check that those were not tripped and are causing the lack of power to your AC.

Any problem involving your electricity is something that should be checked by a professional. With your HVAC system containing hundreds of electrical and moving components, having an expert who knows the ins and outs of your system is invaluable.


The last thing any homeowner expects to see is a frozen AC unit in the middle of a hot Atlanta summer but it happens. You most likely have non functioning system at this point. This problem is easy to troubleshoot because it often looks like an ice princess froze your outside condenser unit. At this point, all you can do is turn of your system at the thermostat and wait for the unit to defrost (depending on the amount of ice it could be a few hours or more). Contact the expert technicians at Casteel to come out and evaluate the problem. Although it can be as simple as blocked air flow; whether it be from a filthy air filter, closed vents, or dirty coil having an expert to check your system is a must. Your frozen AC can also be a complication of a broken blower motor or even a freon/refrigerant leak.

Your system may be repaired by defrosting the unit, cleaning the air filter, and making sure the air flow is appropriate and not blocked, many times there are other issues that are causing your AC to freeze. Remember, at Casteel, your Freon is FREE in the event you have a leak and your repair it with Casteel.

These are just a few of the reasons you may find yourself without AC mid summer. It is always a great idea to evaluate the situation to see if there is anything that can be helped while you wait for your HVAC technician to come out and evaluate the problem. With summer time being the busiest time of year in the Atlanta HVAC industry, having some knowledge of troubleshooting steps can get you back to cool in the event of a problem.