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Meet James - Our Procurement Manager

Meet James - Our Procurement Manager

Casteel is only as good as its team. Featuring our team members, provide you the chance to meet the people that help us provide you Amazing Care!

Meet James - Our Procurement Manager

Trane Comfort Specialist Titanium Club

James has been with Casteel for 6 years. When James began his career with Casteel, he was a warehouse associate. Now he holds the title of Procurement Manager. James has over 17 years' experience in the service industry.

James is from a small town in Louisiana known as Franklinton. He is happily married to his wife Amanda. They have only been married for a few months, but have been together over two and a half years. In his spare time, he loves to play golf. He often spends time with his wife antiquing, or helping her with one of her many projects around the house! Since he is a Louisiana native in Georgia, he and his wife enjoy finding good Cajun Restaurants. He also appreciates any local cultural activities that he can share with his family and friends.

Ryan Gavin AustinTogether, James and James FamilyAmanda have 3 beautiful children. Gavin is their oldest who just turned 15. Ryann is their second who turned four this past May and is going on 16! Their youngest is Austin who is a year and a half old and constantly trying to keep up with his older sister. He and his wife enjoy doing anything outdoors with their children, from playing hide and seek to practicing t-ball. Recently he enjoyed a morning with Ryann at her school for to celebrate "Donuts for Dads".

James has never been one to enjoy the spotlight. In fact, when he was in grade school he had to sing a solo performance. He was so nervous, that during the final rehearsal, he fainted and busted his chin opened! He had to go to the hospital and have stitches. Thankfully, he was able to keep it together for the finale performance in front of the student body and parents. Per his parents, he put on an amazing performance.

James enjoys working at Casteel because, "it is a great company." He could tell right away, that there was future for him at the company and that helped him decide to take his first position. He could see that Casteel instilled great values and morals and that belief transferred to the employees. One thing that he loves most about Casteel, is the people. The culture and environment are completely different than anywhere that he's ever worked before. Not only do the employees care about the customer, they care about each other.

Casteel has been voted "Top Employer in the Southeast regions," and that shines through its employees. To learn more about Casteel's job opportunities or to have one of our Amazing Team members out to your home to provide service, contact Casteel.