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Why You Should Check if Your Electrical Outlets Need Replacing

Why You Should Check if Your Electrical Outlets Need Replacing

Your electrical outlet never needs to be replaced, right? Wrong! Do you know the signs to look for when your electrical outlets need replacing?

Your cord keeps falling out. The slots on the outlet can loosen over time and no longer have a proper connection. You should never bend the prongs of your cord to make it stay in place. Altering the electrical components of your cord or the outlet is a fire hazard.

Your outlet isn't tamper resistant. Tamper resistant outlets have a shutter on them that will only allow a two-pronged plug into the outlet to properly create a circuit. This will prevent any children from being able to stick anything into the outlet shocking them.

Your outlet feels warm when you touch it. Weakening of the internal contacts or wire terminals can cause the outlet to be warm to the touch. This would be your warning sign. With the terminals overheating, it will eventually start melting and may increase your potential of a fire hazard.

The outlet stops working or trips the breaker. In some cases, you might have to just reset the GFCI on another outlet on the same circuit. Still not certain what that means? Look at all of the outlets along the same or adjoining walls and reset any GFCI outlets. If it's still not providing electricity after resetting, then the outlet needs to be replaced.

You have an outlet that isn't grounded. In homes that are 15+ years or older, you may find outlets that only have two receptacle slots. These are un-grounded outlets. The current recommendation is the use of a 3 hole receptacle.

If you have any doubt or question about your outlet or are experiencing any issues contact our electrical department today! A simple whole home electrical inspection can provide you peace of mind and an electrical expert's advice on the safety of your current electrical outlets.