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Add Your HVAC to Your Spring Prep List

Add Your HVAC to Your Spring Prep List

There may be a long list of things you keep adding to your Spring cleaning list, and if your HVAC isn’t one of them, it sure should be. Your system is going to work hard all summer long to keep your home comfortable, enjoyable and humidity free. To ensure it does its job in the most efficient way possible, you’ll need to do your job and add your HVAC to your spring prep list. Not sure what that entails? We can help:

Check and Change Filters

Your air filters are the gateway to clean and pure air, so you’ll want to keep them cleaned and maintained. The type of filters you have determines the frequency you have to change them, so keep note of each time you’ve replaced them. If your filters happen to be reusable, now is the time to do a good cleaning of them. By keeping track of their cleanliness, you can ensure you are blocking allergens and debris and removing them from the air instead of blowing them throughout your home.

Keep Your Home Allergens and Dust Free

A clean filter stays cleaner longer with a clean home. By keeping your doors and home regularly cleaned and dusted, you can ensure your air filters are working more accurately. Keep window sills clean of dust and pollen, and try to avoid dragging shoes and jackets through the house as the can increase the spread of outdoor allergens.

Clean Around The Outside Unit

It’s blooming season, and as trees and bushes begin to grow full and green, you’ll want to ensure it’s not blooming around your outdoor unit. To prevent a breakdown and keep your machine working throughout the warm spring and summer seasons, you’ll want to keep the area clean. Trees, bushes, and plants should be a good 6 to 10 feet away from your system at all times.

Don’t Over Work The System

An energy efficient HVAC system is one that is used wisely. It may be a hot, humid day outside, but cranking your AC all the way up isn’t the way to cool off your home. By the time your house gets to that desired temp, you have wasted more energy than you needed, which puts stress on the machine and shortens its lifespan. Instead always keep your system at a slow and steady temperature, raising it a few degrees when the home is empty; this will help ensure your home cools off quickly without ranking up your energy bill.

Schedule Maintenance

To ensure a significant breakdown from happening or any little issues from spreading, you’ll want to schedule routine maintenance. An expert can fully see any minor or hard to spot problems and address them quickly. Not only will an expert look for issues, but they’ll also be able to clean your system and air ducts if needed, leaving you with an efficient machine that can stand the test of time.

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