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The Importance of Proper Kitchen Lighting

The Importance of Proper Kitchen Lighting

Don’t underestimate the value of excellent kitchen lighting. With the proper design and attention to detail, you can quickly turn your kitchen into the most occupied room in your home. With one smooth turn or hit of a dimmer knob, a well-designed kitchen can go from bright and light kitchen prep to dinner party warmth in no time. When it comes to your home, here’s why you never want to underestimate the importance of proper kitchen lighting:

Increased Safety

Chopping, dicing, frying -- there are a lot of kitchen situations that require adequate working conditions and light is a vital part of that. With a well-lit kitchen, you can carefully see what you are doing, helping you to avoid an unnecessary safety issue. So with the right lighting, you can safely continue to dice, slice and fry away.

Better Aesthetics

A kitchen can always use a little accent, and the right lighting can add that pop! Beautiful task lighting over a kitchen island or table can be an excellent addition to your kitchen’s design.

Have an open concept kitchen that leads right into your spacious dining room? An elaborate chandelier is one way to class up your kitchen decor. Creating a full lighting plan is a great way to increase your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and value.

Perfect for Entertaining

A proper dinner party requires a lot -- good food, good drinks, and great company, However, a critical aspect than many might forget is the perfect kitchen lighting. Warm lighting versus harsh bright light can set a relaxing and inviting mood.

With proper layered lighting, you can create a welcoming environment that allows your guests to lose track of time and thoroughly enjoy the company around them.

Think in Layers

When it comes time to create the kitchen lighting plan of your dreams, you’ll want to think about light layering.

Task lighting is critical in the kitchen and needs to be placed in a precise place. Anywhere that the majority of cooking will be done, task lighting is a must. Another fun way to add task lighting is by adding some under cabinet lights.

To add that warm, inviting feel, you’ll also want to add some ambient light. Ambient lighting will help you avoid shadows and soften lines and facial features. Whether you choose track lighting or a flush mounted fixture, ambient lighting is a must.

You can then round out all your lighting with accent lights or decorative fixtures, just be sure each layer works together in perfect lighting harmony. For full master control, don’t forget your dimming switch option!


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