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How Ceiling Fans Can Help Lower Your Energy Costs

How Ceiling Fans Can Help Lower Your Energy Costs

We often get asked if running your ceiling fan is a good idea when you’re already running your AC. Well, the answer is yes! Your ceiling fan can actually be a big help to your cooling system during these hot summer months. And what’s even better is that your ceiling fan can even help lower your energy costs.

How Ceiling Fans Can Help Lower Your Energy Costs

Ceiling Fans Spread Cold Air

When your cooling system pumps cold air to the rooms in your home, it takes a little while for that air to spread to the rest of the room from the vent. When your ceiling fans are on, they help spread that cool air to the rest of the room faster and allow your AC to run for a shorter amount of time — meaning you use less energy.

Ceiling Fans Move Stiff Air

When your AC isn’t running, the air in a room can feel stiff — and hot — after a while. This can cause your AC to run even if the room is still technically cool enough. When you have your ceiling fan running, it moves the air around to create a more comfortable environment.

Ceiling Fans Allow You to Increase Your Thermostat Temperature

Since fans move cool air around and make a room more comfortable faster, you can actually increase your thermostat temperature by four degrees. It may not seem like a lot, but those four little degrees can make for decent energy savings.

If your thermostat detects the air is still cool, your AC won’t kick on, and you’ll be saving energy and money.

How to Use Your Ceiling Fan with Your AC

Have Your Fan Turn Counter Clockwise

This creates a downdraft and pushes cool air towards the rest of the room rather than sweeping it up towards the ceiling. (You should be able to adjust the fan’s direction with the switch on the side of the motor.)

Only Use Them in Occupied Rooms

In the same way, there’s no point in running your AC in an empty house, there’s no point in running your fan in an empty room.

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