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How Upgrading Your AC System Can Save You Money

How Upgrading Your AC System Can Save You Money

Think about all the reasons you’ve upgraded your cell phone over the years. Newer phones perform better, require fewer repairs, don’t malfunction as much, and take way better selfies. Well, aside from the selfies, the same can be said about newer AC systems.

And one of the biggest perks? Upgrading your AC system can lower your utility bills. Here’s how:

Newer AC Systems are More Efficient

Even if your older AC unit doesn’t seem to have any problems, that’s not always the case. While it may not be completely breaking down on you, it probably doesn’t run nearly as efficiently as a newer system would.

From the get-go, newer systems have a higher SEER (efficiency) rating than older systems do, which means they’re not using as much energy when they run. Even if your current unit had a high rating at the time you had it installed, manufacturers are always working to increase SEER ratings, so an upgraded system will be more efficient today.

Newer AC Systems are Better-Sized

If you purchased an AC system years ago that was the wrong size for your home, you’re probably using way more energy than necessary and hiking up your utility bill in the process.

If your current unit is too small, it has to work overtime to cool your home. But if it’s too large, then it’s working more than it should have to in the first place.

When you upgrade your AC, your HVAC tech will be able to recommend a system that best fits your home.

Older AC Systems Require A Lot of Repairs

If you have an older cooling system, how often do you find yourself paying for repairs? If the answer is a lot, you’re better off spending that money on an upgraded system that will be in better shape and not require as many repair visits. That keeps a lot more money in your pocket in the long run!

Trust Casteel with Your Home’s AC Upgrade

When you need a trusted HVAC tech to help choose the right cooling system for your home, trust the experts at Casteel. With us by your side, you can count on an easy and affordable replacement.

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