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Here’s Why You Keep Blowing a Fuse

Here’s Why You Keep Blowing a Fuse

Have you ever used your hair dryer or vacuum and before you know it, the appliance turns off and the lights in the room go out? What you have there, friends is a blown fuse. We know all too well how frustrating those can be, but beyond that, continuously blowing a fuse is a sign of a bigger problem.

To prevent your electrical work from developing those larger problems, you need to get to the bottom of why your fuses keep blowing.

Why You Keep Blowing a Fuse

The Circuit is Overloaded

This is the most common reason electrical circuits trip and fuses blow. Your home circuits can only handle so much electricity at one time, so when you’re using two blow dryers, running the vacuum, and have multiple lights on in your home, the circuit gets overloaded and causes the fuse to blow.

There’s a Short Circuit

A “short circuit” occurs when a hot wire touches a neutral wire. When this happens, usually due to either poor electrical wiring or faulty wiring within the appliance or electronic itself, it causes the circuit to flip and a fuse to blow. Since it can be difficult to figure out where exactly the short circuit is, you should contact a professional electrician for help.

There’s a Ground Fault

A ground fault is a type of short circuit that occurs when a hot wire touches a metal box or wooden paneling. These can be very dangerous since they can cause fires, especially in rooms with high moisture levels such as your bathroom or kitchen.

The Fuse is Too Old

Just like the electronics and appliances they power, fuses only last so long. If a fuse has been used frequently over a long period of time, it can start to wear out and not be as efficient or reliable as it once was. If you continue to use a fuse past its prime, it can blow.

There’s a Power Surge

This one isn’t always as common, but power surges occur from time to time. They typically happen during or after storms, either when lighting hits an electric line and gives it an extra jolt or when power is restored after a blackout and floods your circuits with too much electricity at one time.

Surge protectors can be a big help in protecting your home’s electrical circuits from being overpowered.

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