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The Ultimate Contractor Checklist: The Question You Need to Ask

The Ultimate Contractor Checklist: The Question You Need to Ask

When it comes to picking a home service contractor, the decision can be a tough one. Whether you go by a friends recommendation, or just do a simple internet search, there are still many options you’ll have to weight. To ensure that you're making the best possible decision for you and your home, here’s what you’ll want to ask before making the deal:

The Length They’ve Been In Business

There is nothing wrong with asking for a little bit of background information before choosing a company. A company’s history can say a lot about how they work. Owning a business can come with a lot of growing and learning, and after several years, it can become a well-oiled machine. A company that has been around for ten plus years has built a good name for themselves and probably has an excellent reputation and reviews to look over too.

Check If They Are Licensed

There is nothing wrong with asking how qualified the contractor is before making a decision. Each state or city may have different requirements, but a company that takes their time to get fully licensed is one you’ll want to work with. To aid on the side of caution, it’s never a bad idea to ask to see the license. A reputable contractor will have workman's comp and liability insurance that is associated with the work they are performing.

Finding Out What Work Will Be Done

By knowing ahead of time what each day will be like, you can open a clear line of communication with the contractor which can ensure the whole project run smoother. You can know when your home will be occupied, by who and what days you’ll want to avoid being home.

Asking How Long Will The Job Take

You never know what other circumstances or jobs they have lined up, so knowing a projected time frame can help you fight off any preconceived notions.While you are asking about the project timeline, you’ll also want to ask about what the day to day will be like to. Ask who and when will be coming out of your house, and how they will go about cleaning up. Just remember, asking questions isn’t a bad thing, and any right contractor will be happy to answer these questions and more.


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