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Top Signs it’s Time to Call Your Electrician ASAP

Top Signs it’s Time to Call Your Electrician ASAP

You might think DIY electrical work is a significant money saving idea -- but you’re wrong. Electrical work can be tricky and dangerous, and the most lit DIY can end up costing you lots of money in the long run, and we aren’t just talking about the possible hospital bills. To catch an electrical issue early, here are five tops signs it’s time to call your electrician ASAP.

1. Your Constantly Losing Light

Are you continually blowing a fuse, or blowing out light bulbs quicker than expected? Both of these are signs faulty wiring or electrical issues you’ll want to address. Running to the fuse box every few days isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s also a clear sign that something is wrong.

2. Flickering and Fluttering

Though it might be more exciting to say your home is haunted, it’s probably not a friendly ghost messing with your lights. If you're noticing a fluttering or flickering of your views or issues with your dimmer switch, after a few light bulb changes, the problem may lie in the wiring, and it should be fixed.

3. Your Home is in it’s Mid 20’s

With the increase in technology in our homes over the years, our electrical systems had to adapt. If your home and its wiring, is in it mid 20’s, chances are it’s struggling to adjust to the new and modern changes. An electrical inspection is key to ensure your home is up to grade and can handle all of today’s modern appliances and energy-sucking electronic devices.

4. Your Living Off Extension Cords

Extension cords are a convenient thing, but they were never meant to be permanent. If you are living off extension cords, you have a power issue that needs to be addressed. Contact your electrician about adding more outlets and power to your home.

5. Warm to The Touch

Though some of your outlets are working hard to put out electricity, they shouldn’t be burning off steam. If you are noticing any warmth on your outlets or signing of burning, discontinue use immediately and call your electrician.


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