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What is Low Flow And Why do You Need it?

What is Low Flow And Why do You Need it?

We’re sure you’ve seen those commercials that feature shower heads that cascade water down as if it were an indoor waterfall and make shower time look like an absolute dream. Well, here’s the thing with those types of fixtures — they (unnecessarily) use a ton of water.

When it comes to saving water — and, in turn, money — you should be choosing plumbing fixtures that are labeled as “low flow.” What exactly does that mean? We’re glad you asked!

What are Low Flow Fixtures?

According to federal regulations, there is a limit to how much water a fixture can expel, with the amount of water differing depending on the fixture and the water pressure level. Low flow fixtures are those that release fewer gallons per minute, ultimately offering benefits to both you and the environment.

Types of Low Flow Fixtures

Typically, low flow fixtures come in two forms: laminar-streaming and aerating.

Laminar-Streaming Fixtures

These create individual streams of water and are more so used with shower heads. They are also better for humid climates since they don’t produce as much steam and moisture in the air.

Aerating Fixtures

These work by mixing air and water and creating a misting spray to reduce water use. They are great options for shower heads as well as faucets since they are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Why Do I Need a Low Flow Fixture?

They Reduce Your Water Use

Water is the most precious resource we have, so it’s vital that we preserve it as much as we can. Low flow fixtures can reduce your water use by up to 40% — that adds up to big conservation efforts.

They Save You Money

All that saved water isn’t just great for the environment — it’s great for your wallet too. The less water you use, the lower your utility bills will be, which means more money in your pocket.

When you’re ready to make the switch from traditional to low flow fixtures, make sure to give your trusted neighborhood plumber a call. No matter what your plumbing needs, Casteel can help! Call us 770.766.1657 to schedule service with one our top-rated professionals today!