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Your Room by Room Lighting Guide

Your Room by Room Lighting Guide

The lighting you choose has a big effect on how your home makes guests feel. Too harsh of lighting can make guests like they’re in a hospital room; too dim of lighting can make them feel as if they’re in a dungeon.

When lighting has the ability to make or break an atmosphere, it’s important to know how to properly light each room of your home so functionality meets form.

Your Kitchen

Your kitchen tends to be the most utilized room in your home, meaning it needs to be well-lit. Besides having bright ceiling lighting, whether it be from recessed lighting or pendant lighting, it’s also a good idea to invest in under-cabinet lights to make sure you have total visibility when handling sharp knives or hot food.

Your Bathroom

Since your bathroom is the main grooming area of the house, you’ll want to have a decent amount of light in this room. Flush-mounted lights, as well as vanity lights, are always a good idea, and you can add recessed lighting in the shower area, especially if your bathroom is without windows.

Your Living Room

Your living room likely entertains everyone from elderly family members to your young children’s kindergarten friends. That being the case, you should aim to install adjustable lighting with a main focal light. Pendant or chandelier lights offer both ambient lighting and an elegant touch to the room, while floor and table lamps offer additional direct lighting and decoration.

Your Bedroom

The ideal bedroom lighting would include a dimmer switch to allow you to adjust your room’s brightness depending on your comfort level. You could opt for recessed lighting or chandelier lighting as your main light source, with wall-mounted lamps as more direct light for late-night reading.

At Casteel, our electrical experts can help you design a specific lighting layout that’s customized to meet your home’s needs and then completely install it for you as well. For all your electrical needs in Atlanta, call us today at 770.766.1657!