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Avoiding a High Water Bill During the Holidays

Avoiding a High Water Bill During the Holidays

It seems like the holidays are always the time of year when everything increases — the number of family members who visit, the amount of food you eat, and potentially the size of your waistband as a result of both those things. But we know one of the things you probably don’t want to increase in your water bill.

Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to avoid a high water bill during the holidays.

Limit Shower Times

When you have guests staying with you for the holidays, chances are they’re going to want to look clean and put together for dinner — and for all the family photos you plan on taking. That can lead to a big increase in the number of showers taken in your home, and, as a result, the number that shows up on your water bill.

If you’re going to have a lot of people taking showers in your home, limit everyone to only taking 10 minutes each. While you may still have a higher water bill because of the number of showers being taken, it will still be lower than if everyone each spent 30+ minutes showering.

Use Your Dishwasher

After everyone has eaten dinner and helped themselves to dessert, don’t start lining up at the sink to wash dishes by hand. With the number of dishes you’ll have to take time scraping and cleaning, you can use a lot more water than you would if you used your dishwasher.

Load your dishwasher so you fit as many dishes and glasses as possible in it — this makes for a more efficiency cycle.

Re-Wear Your Clothes

If you’re like most people, you probably have a few outfits you go through during the holidays — there’s your “during the day” clothes, your “dinner clothes” and you’re “post-dinner relaxation” clothes. And that’s just for one day of the weekend.

Rather than have multiple days of multiple outfits, re-wear your clothing so you don’t end up doing as much laundry. And when you do go to wash your clothes, make sure you’re doing full loads so you’re not wasting water on only a few articles of clothing.

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