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How to Ensure the Best Water Quality

How to Ensure the Best Water Quality

If there's one thing that you literally cannot survive without it's fresh, clean water. That being the case, you should want to do everything in your power to ensure the water running through your home's pipes is the highest quality it can be. But how exactly do you do that? Not to worry, by following a few tips, you can have the best water possible for you and your family.

Take Note of Discrepancies

Does your water suddenly have a metallic taste? Are you noticing more white calcium spots on your plumbing fixtures? Is your bathtub spout spewing out brown colored H2O? Don't let these things go unnoticed. If your water doesn't seem right, it probably isn't, which is something you'll want to address sooner rather than later.

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Flush Your Water Heater

Over time, sediments can build up on the bottom of your water heater tank, which can result in your unit not functioning properly or giving you water that is grossly discolored. By flushing your tank twice a year, you can remove these sediments to ensure that your only showering and cleaning with the cleanest of water.

Have Your Pipes Inspected

Especially if you're in an older home, your pipes may not be in the best condition possible. This is typically the case for homes with iron pipes. Over time, your pipes can corrode and allow metal deposits to flow through the water you use every day. Every so often, have your pipes inspected, and if they are not in good shape, consider having your home re-piped.

Test Your Water

Even if it seems like nothing is wrong with your home's water, it never hurts to have it professionally tested. These tests allow you to know if there are undesirable sediments in your water or, if the pH is too high, or there is any other issue that could be affecting the quality of your water. In these cases,a water filtration system can benefit your home.

Our water filtration services can resolve this issue by disinfecting and purifying your water in order to remove impurities. We can help install the right filtration in your bathroom or kitchen's fixtures to help bring healthy and safe water to your home or business. Contact us today to schedule a service!