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Do Nightlights Waste Energy?

Do Nightlights Waste Energy?

Whether you look at small candles that burned in rooms centuries ago or the tiny light that sits in your child's bedroom, there's no denying that nightlights have provided comfort for a long time. That being said, when you're trying to keep your energy bills as low as possible and have several nightlights plugged in all over your home, you may begin to wonder if they're wasting energy.

Do Nightlights Waste Energy?

Well, it depends. Just like regular lights, if you don’t take measures to use them efficiently, they can end up using more energy. Even small lights like nightlights can add up over time. So how do you ensure they don’t run up your electric bill?

Use the Right Light Bulbs

Not all light bulbs are created equally. CFL’s and halogen bulbs use more electricity than LED bulbs and burn out more quickly. So not only will they cost you more in energy costs, but you’ll also have to spend more money replacing the bulbs.

Only Use Them When Necessary

A lot of us tend to use nightlights in our children’s rooms to make them feel safer in the dark. However, you shouldn’t let those lights stay on all night long. Once your little one has fallen asleep, turn the nightlight off.

An alternative to having to turn them off manually is to buy nightlights that turn off automatically once a certain amount of light fills the room.

If you use them properly and opt for the right bulbs, nightlights shouldn’t equal more than 2-3% of your energy bill.

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