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What to Include in Every Guest Home

What to Include in Every Guest Home

Anyone who grows up in the South knows how important it is to be a good host to those visiting your home. While you can roll out the red carpet as soon as your guests arrive, what you really should focus on making sure the space they’re staying in is up to snuff and has everything they need to feel right at home. To ensure that happens, here are some things to include in every guest home.

Fresh Towels

After a long day of traveling, your guests are going to want to take a nice, hot shower or soothing bath to relax — and fresh towels are a must-have afterward. Now, when we say fresh, we mean fresh — just-washed, folded, and placed in your guest home. Even if you’ve had “clean” towels in there for a few months, they’ll be dusty or stale-smelling by now.

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There’s always a chance that your guests may have forgotten to pack toothpaste or shampoo, so have a little basket with all the necessary toiletries available for them. This can include toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, extra toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and more.

Empty Closet Space

Especially if they’re staying for a while, your guests shouldn’t be forced to live out of a suitcase just because there’s nowhere for them to unpack their clothing. Clear out some draws and temporarily move anything you’re storing in the closet so they have their own space for their belongings.

Spare Keys

It’s a bit awkward if guests have to wait around for you to lock and unlock the guest house, so give them a spare set of keys so they can easily come and go as they please. If there are multiple entrances or keys, make sure to label everything to avoid confusion.

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