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How to Childproof Your Outlets

How to Childproof Your Outlets

As a parent, you’ll do just about anything and everything to keep your child safe. You’ve probably already installed baby gates and cabinet locks, but have you taken a look at your outlets? Babies can easily see an outlet as a toy to be played with, so it’s essential to childproof the outlets in your home.

Invest in Outlet Covers

Your child can easily get curious and try to stick something into an open outlet, putting themselves at serious risk. Outlet covers can block your sockets off from anything your child may stick into them, and you have a few options to choose from.

  • Outlet Caps: These are inexpensive, small caps that go over your individual outlets. However, they are not the easiest to take off, so you may be wary of using them on outlets you use often.

  • Slide Covers: These are outlet covers that have spring loaded plates to block anything from being inserted into a socket accidentally. They require that both prongs are inserted into the cover before it slides open, making them a safe option for your children.

Block Off Plugs

To prevent your child from pulling electrical cords out of the socket, there are typically two routes you can take. If you’re able to, you can rearrange the furniture in that room to block off access to the cords. If you’re not able to do that, or don’t want to, you can purchase covers that go over your outlets and prevent the cords from being pulled out.

Tape Down Wires

Especially if you have longer wires or extension cords running through a room your child has access to, it’s essential to tape down the wires or use duct cord covers. Otherwise, your child could easily get a hold of the wire and put themselves in harm’s way.

If there’s more wire than distance needed to plug the device in, you could consider also getting a cord shortener to contain the excess.

For more help making your outlets and electrical systems safe for your children, contact the professionals at Casteel for help! With years of experience, we know exactly what measures to take to keep your home safe.