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Why Hot Showers are Bad for Your Bathroom

Why Hot Showers are Bad for Your Bathroom

After a long day of work, rushing the kids to their afterschool activities, and taking care of household chores, nothing sounds better than a nice hot shower to relax you. However, before you turn the shower knob to scorching hot, you should be aware of the negative effects that hot showers have on your bathroom.

Hot Water Makes Steam

If you’ve taken a science class or simply run the water in your home, you know that hot water creates steam. What you may not know is that steam (and the excess moisture it brings) can have some seriously bad effects on your bathroom and home in general.

Steam Can Lead to Mold

Steam is essentially just evaporated water that lingers in your bathroom. And the longer that moisture and heat stay in your bathroom, the greater chance you have of developing mold. If your bathroom tends to harbor steam after anyone takes a shower, you should inspect the corners of your tub and ceilings, areas around your toilet, and your grout lines for mold growth.

Steam Can Affect Your Walls

If your bathroom walls are covered in wallpaper or paint, all the excess moisture that steam brings can cause those materials to chip or become warped. Wallpaper and paint are not meant to stand up against too high of humidity, so you can kiss your pretty bathroom decor goodbye if you allow steam to linger after a hot shower.

How to Help Bathroom Humidity Levels

Luckily, a few simple steps can help you maintain safer humidity levels in your bathroom.

  • Always Run Your Fan: If you have a bathroom ventilation fan, always turn it on before you start your shower and allow it to run for at least 10 minutes after you turn the shower off.

  • Open a Window: Especially if you don’t have a fan, crack a window while you’re showering to allow steam and excess moisture to escape your bathroom more easily.

If you need to install a ventilation fan in your bathroom or are interested in other ways to control your bathroom’s humidity levels, contact the experts at Casteel. Call us today to schedule a service!