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Secrets Only Your Electrician Knows

Secrets Only Your Electrician Knows

Aside from switching out a light bulb, it's often best to leave any and all electrical work to the professionals. But, sometimes, it helps to know a few tips of the trade so that you're aware of whether or not the issue even needs more serious help. These are a few secrets only your electrician knows that can help you troubleshoot some electrical issues around your home.

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Check the Circuit Breaker

If you're noticing that a few electronics in your home won't power on, don't assume that it's a major problem. If one electronic caused the circuit to trip, it'll prevent power from going to any other device on the same circuit. Take a walk to your circuit breaker and see if any of the switches are tripped. Resetting it can typically fix the problem.

Check Your Bulbs

If your bulbs are burning out faster than they should be, don't always assume it's the lamp’s fault. If you're using light bulbs that require more wattage than the fixture can produce, they will likely burn out quicker as they try to suck up more power. Always make sure that your light bulbs don't exceed the wattage that your fixtures will allow.

Spy on the Neighbors

If you have a power outage in your home, take a look out the window and see if there are lights on in any of your neighbors’ homes. If there aren't, then the outage is likely being caused by a grid problem, and you'll have to wait for your utility company to fix the problem. If your neighbors do have their lights on, then the issue is likely caused by something within your own home and you'll need an electrician’s help to get the power back.

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