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The Dirtiest Areas of Your Bathroom

The Dirtiest Areas of Your Bathroom

When you walk into your bathroom, we're pretty sure you would like to think that all of your cleaning efforts have made an impact and your bathroom is germ-free. However, that's not typically the case. Your bathroom has more spots to clean than just your tub and floors — and these are some of the dirtiest spots in there.

Your Bathmat

Besides stepping on it as you get out of the shower, you probably don’t give your bathmat much thought. However, even if you step onto it clean, that mat can get pretty dirty just by sitting there the rest of the day. If you don't want to be stepping onto dust bunnies and dirt every time you get out of the shower, make sure to wash your bath mat at least every 2 weeks.

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Your Showerhead

Your showerhead can be especially dirty if you have hard or contaminated water flowing through your pipes. Over time, scale and bacteria can build up on your shower head and ultimately be sprayed onto you every time you turn your shower on. To remedy this, wrap a plastic bag of white vinegar around the shower head and let it sit for an hour to break down the buildup.

Your Toothbrush Holder

You may not think your toothbrush holder is dirty at all, but it actually tends to be the dirtiest spot in your bathroom. Germs can cling to this item, both from being airborne in your bathroom or dripping off of your toothbrush after you've brushed your teeth. If your toothbrush holder is dishwasher-safe, run it through a cycle once a week. Otherwise, use disinfectant wipes to give it a good cleaning.

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