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Whole-house generators: Six reasons to buy a generator

Whole-house generators: Six reasons to buy a generator

A power outage can be more than a major inconvenience. It can also be uncomfortable and potentially costly. While the average outage lasts just two or three hours, those caused by major storms can last for days or weeks. Investing in a whole-house generator (also called a standby generator) could provide your family with greater comfort, protection, and peace of mind during a very challenging time.

Unfortunately, most people only come to this conclusion after experiencing a prolonged power outage, fumbling for flashlight batteries, watching perishable food go bad, the discomfort of temperature extremes, and perhaps tallying up the costs of a lengthy hotel stay.

A whole-house generator, typically connected to an external fuel source like propane or natural gas and wired through your electric panel, can keep you comfortable and connected, even in the midst of an epic outage. 

If you’re thinking about a whole-house generator, here are some key benefits to consider before the next storm hits.

  1. Comfort in extreme weather
    Some areas are more susceptible to outages because of the frequency and severity of extreme weather. Climate also plays a role if you live in an area prone to very high or low temperatures. When weather conditions are intense, maintaining power to air conditioning and heating systems can be essential—even life-saving—especially for young children and the elderly.
  1. Food preservation and safety
    Without the cold storage of your refrigerator or freezer, some perishable food doesn’t take long to spoil.  The USDA warns that some foods (poultry, tuna, even certain cooked leftovers) can become unsafe in just a few hours if left at room temperature.  A prolonged outage can ruin hundreds of dollars’ worth of food overnight.
  1. Basement flood protection
    Does your home rely on a sump pump to keep your basement or crawlspace dry? If so, losing power can mean losing your sump pump, leaving your basement and everything in it unprotected. Even pumps with battery back-up don’t always offer the necessary protection against outages caused by severe storms. Depending on the volume of water, your pump may be working nonstop, burning up its battery very quickly.  
  1. Well system operation and water safety
    If you are on a well, an outage can disable your well pump and the filtration system that supply your home with fresh, safe water for drinking, bathing, or cleaning.
  1. Work connectivity and continuity
    Using the latest U.S. Census data, Global Workplace Analytics reveals that more people are working from home than ever before. A significant number of people also run home businesses. Going without power for even a day is more than an inconvenience, it could have a significant impact on your productivity or business operations.
  1. Reliable power to home medical devices
    With an aging population, home oxygen machines, ventilators, and other life-sustaining devices have become more commonplace. If someone in your household relies on home medical equipment powered by electricity, be sure to talk to a healthcare professional about backup power plans to keep the equipment running.

If any of the above situations apply—or if you simply want the comfort and security of knowing that when power goes out in your area, the light in your home will stay on—take the next step and talk to the experts at Casteel. We’d be happy to answer your questions about whole-home  generators—or any electrical service issue.

At Casteel, we pride ourselves on our customer-first service and promise to take Amazing Care™ of you.  Contact us today.

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Whole-house generators vs. portable generators
While more expensive than portable generators, whole-house/standby generators can offer distinct advantages that portables simply can’t match. Here are just a few:

  • Whole-house generators come on automatically, protecting your house during outages when you’re at work or on vacation.
  • They offer a reliable, durable power backup supply without the hassle of manual set-up or frequent refueling. Whole-house generators can run for days, even weeks without stop.
  • They are typically equipped to power multiple critical systems. While models vary in power generated, a basic 10Kilowatt unit can run heat or AC, lights, as well as your kitchen appliances.  Portable generator capacity can run between 2.5 Kw and 7.5 Kw, however as the wattage increases, so too does the cost.
  • They are considerably safe, quieter and generally worry-free. Portable generators require extra caution with set-up and operation, as well as the handling and storage of hazardous fuels.