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  • Fish Wish 2019: Norita

    Fish Wish 2019: Norita
    The holiday season is a time of family gatherings and busy schedules. As neighbors across Atlanta trimmed trees and wrapped gifts, the team at Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical made ...
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  • What is Vampire Electricity?

    What is Vampire Electricity?
    Ever since you were a kid, you’ve been told to turn off the lights, TV, and other electronics before leaving a room so you don’t waste electricity. Well, what if we told you that, even if you do turn ...
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  • The Importance of Landscape Lighting

    The Importance of Landscape Lighting
    First impressions are everything! When it comes to your home, your front yard is its first impression to the world, so how you keep it is vital. If you spent a lot of time and money landscaping your ...
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