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When Your Sump Pump Alarm Goes Off, Here's What to Do

When Your Sump Pump Alarm Goes Off, Here's What to Do

Before you experience a problem with your sump pump, it’s helpful to know how to handle the situation. Before you call a Marietta plumbing professional for help, taking the time to learn how to respond when the sump pump alarm goes off could aid you in preventing damage to the pump and water damage to your basement. And you might even save a few dollars, too.

Responding to an Emergency

Pumps can have two kinds of alarms: a high-water alarm and a low-water alarm. First, you’ll need to know if your system has a high-water alarm. If it does, and that’s the alarm going off, you’re in good shape. The high-water alarm is designed to be an early-warning system. It’s not likely that you’ll be facing water in the basement yet, but it should be a cause for concern. Basically, when this alarm sounds, it’s telling you that there’s a problem with the pump that needs to be addressed right away. You can troubleshoot the pump using the steps below or monitor the system, waiting to see if the other alarm sounds before getting help.

If your system doesn’t have a high-water alarm and the low-water alarm sounds, you should spring into action. Here’s how to troubleshoot the system:

Check the power

If the power has shut off and you can turn it back on, go to the circuit breaker board and flip the switch to the pump a few times.

If the system is powered up, check the basin’s water level

Are the sensors (usually located at the top of the pump) wet from a malfunction? Can you dry them off? If it’s raining hard in your area, the basin might be filling up, but it could be a question of whether the pump can keep up with the water.

Assess the situation

Sometimes, the alarm may go off simply because the pump is working hard to drain the water during high-peak usage (if it’s raining, for example). Otherwise, you may want to call a plumber to the scene to make sure that the pump can keep up with demand, and to avoid a flooded basement.

Your sump pump plays a vital role in the health of your home. Don’t play it safe when the alarm sounds. Walk through these troubleshooting steps, and if the scenario warrants it, contact a pro for help. The Atlanta plumbing experts at Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical are happy to help with pump diagnoses, maintenance and repair, or any other home plumbing problem.​