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Meet Stephanie - Our Digital Marketing Manager

Meet Stephanie - Our Digital Marketing Manager

Casteel is only as good as its team. We’d like to feature our team members so you have the chance to meet the people that help us provide you Amazing Care!

Meet Stephanie – Our Digital Marketing Manager

Stephanie and her family

Stephanie joined Casteel Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical last year as the Digital Marketing Manager. Stephanie joining Casteel was a bit of destiny as Stephanie had just moved back to the Atlanta area, five minutes from the Casteel office, and Casteel was looking to bring their paid search in house. Stephanie brought 9 years of paid search experience to Casteel with much of her experience in the home services industry.

Stephanie is one of the few people born and raised in Atlanta. She went to St. Pius X Catholic High School where she met her husband, Alex. Their first date was Alex's senior prom, and their first kiss was on the dance floor of said prom. After high school, Stephanie went to the University of Georgia and got a degree in Advertising. After graduating from UGA, Alex and Stephanie got married in 2008 at Sacred Heart in Atlanta. Once she was married, Stephanie went on a tour around the US as Alex's career took him to a few different states - Ohio, Texas, and Illinois. Along the way, she had two boys, Aiden and Evan. Aiden is now five, and Evan is two.

Outside of work, Stephanie is very busy. Spending time with her husband and two boys are her top priorities. She enjoys watching all of her boys, including her husband, play soccer. Alex loves soccer, and plays in adult leagues in Marietta. Aiden plays soccer with the YMCA in the fall and spring, and Evan will start soccer this fall. Stephanie also enjoys supporting the new professional soccer team - Atlanta United. She says, "Going to a soccer game is a different atmosphere than any other professional sport. Cheering is fan led rather than announcer led, and the game doesn't stop unless it's half time. It's so much action and fun!"

A woman in her 30's, Stephanie, competes on stage in a natural fitness bikini competition.The most surprising thing to know about Stephanie is that she competes in bodybuilding competitions in the bikini division. Stephanie has always been amazed by what the body can do - from giving birth to breast feeding to being able to adapt to different workouts and nutrients. She has done pretty much everything in the fitness and nutrition world - marathons, group fitness classes, kickboxing, Crossfit, Paleo, Whole 30, South Beach diet, cleanses etc. She finally found what works for her body aesthetically with nutrition, heavy weights, and cardio - and to show off her hard work, she competes in NPC body building competitions. She did her first one in March, and is now addicted to bringing a better package to stage.

Stephanie is excited to be part of Casteel as it is one of the only companies she has worked at where she believes they truly stand behind what their marketing says. Casteel says, "We'll take Amazing Care of You," and that is absolutely true from Stephanie's standpoint. Whether it be a customer, an employee, or a charity - she sees Casteel's Amazing Care every day. She listens to the managers take to heart surveys from customers and talk to those customers to relieve any stress. She sees how the president/owner interacts with everyone at the company and really tries to engage with every single employee. It's hard to compare Casteel to any other company, as Casteel is far and above better than anywhere Stephanie has worked.

Casteel cares about its team and its customers. To learn more about Casteel’s job opportunities or to have one of our Amazing Team members out to your home to provide service, contact Casteel.