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Electrical Services in Atlanta, GA

Our electrical services keep your home illuminated and safe. Our team of electrical contractors provides everything from wiring to electrical panel upgrades and lighting installations for homeowners. Our technicians offer dependable electrical solutions for families in areas of Georgia such as Atlanta, Marietta, Newnan, Lawrenceville, Athens, Mableton, and Alpharetta. Give our professionals a call by phone at (770) 852-8504 or schedule an appointment online to receive help with an electrical issue in your house.

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Types of Electrical Services in Atlanta, GA

No matter what your electrical needs may be, our expert team at Casteel can help repair, install, or provide ongoing maintenance for your home’s electrical system, including:

When you contact our experienced and top-rated team of professionals, we can show you what amazing care really means. From our humble one-truck beginnings to a vast fleet of fully stocked service vehicles, we can only say that by servicing our customers’ needs, we have become one of the top electrical companies Atlanta.

Why Choose Casteel for All of Your Electrical Services?

  • Interest-free financing is available
  • We can complete most jobs on the same day
  • We are known for fast emergency response times
  • You can directly contact our management team
  • Our electricians are all licensed, professional, and hand-selected
  • We offer short arrival windows and a link to track your tech
  • We provide flat-rate pricing upfront with no hidden fees
  • Our professional electricians are always punctual
  • We are proud to be local and family-owned
  • We leave every home and job site clean

Electrical Panel Upgrade & Installation Services

Your circuit breaker and electrical panel are vital to the safety of your home. Outdated, poorly installed, or poorly maintained electrical panels may not be able to stop a significant electrical surge that could spark a fire. Get your electrical panel inspected by a licensed technician at Casteel for peace of mind. From there, our team can help you determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

Electrical Wiring Repair and Rewiring Services

Electrical Wiring & Rewiring Services

Whether you know you have a wiring issue in your home or suspect it, our team of electrical contractors can diagnose the problem and provide solutions. Our emergency electricians are available to help you with malfunctioning electrical outlets, basement wiring, oven or dryer circuits, and hot tub wiring. Our team will replace the outdated wiring in your home to eliminate electrical hazards.

5 Signs You Have Electrical Wiring Issues In Your Home

​​1. Dimming & Flickering Lights

Dimming or flickering lights are typically not caused by the fixture but by other appliances drawing large amounts of power. Before replacing that ceiling light or lamp, have our contractors check for wiring issues in your home.

2. Strange Odors

Are you noticing strange odors around your new appliances? It could be nothing to worry about as new appliances sometimes give off strange smells. However, if the odor is coming from an electrical panel or outlets, call our team immediately at (770) 852-8504. Don’t attempt to resolve the issue on your own, as it could be a dangerous situation.

3. Sparking

Is your electrical panel sparking? Call our professionals immediately to inspect and fix your electrical panel. Our team offers reliable electrical services in Atlanta, GA, and have the tools necessary to fix your damaged electrical system. Sparks can quickly lead to flames and damage if not handled properly. However, if the sparks are coming from an appliance, it may be an issue with the appliance and not a wiring issue. If this is the case, our team will help fix your malfunctioning appliance.

4. Hot Outlets & Switch Plates

Whether you have something as small as a toaster or as large as a dryer plugged into an outlet, the plate should never be hot to the touch. Your outlet and switch plates may get warm from use. However, if it gets hot, you should unplug anything plugged in.

Next, you should test to see if it’s a problem with the appliance or outlet by plugging it into another outlet. If the original outlet gets hot even with nothing plugged in, there may be a wiring issue. Contact our professionals to get it checked out.

5. Blown Fuses Or Tripped Breakers

A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker itself is not much of an issue. If your circuit breaker trips, it’s actually doing its job. However, if it trips frequently, there is likely an underlying problem with the wiring in your home. Call us for electrical panel service to see if it’s time for an upgrade.

Lighting Installation & Replacement Services

Your home looks most beautiful when it’s properly illuminated. Let our staff of electrical contractors help you install, repair, or replace lighting fixtures in your home. Our team of electricians in Cartersville, GA and other areas can install fixtures such as chandeliers, recessed lighting, and LED lights. We can also handle your outdoor lighting needs such as security lighting, floodlighting, and more.


Electrical Services in Atlanta, GA and Other Areas

Do you need assistance from our staff of electrical contractors? Pick up your phone and dial (770) 852-8504 to receive innovative electrical services. Our technicians provide exceptional electrical solutions for homeowners in areas of Georgia such as Alpharetta, Mableton, Douglasville, Atlanta, Newnan, Marietta, and Athens. Our electricians have the tools and training to handle various electrical issues ranging from wiring repair to panel upgrades.

If you are encountering electrical issues in your home, contact our team of professionals at 1-770-852-8504 to schedule an appointment today!

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