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Electrical Outlet Repair and Installation Services

Outlets are an important part of our daily lives, but many homeowners take them for granted until something goes wrong. Thankfully, as trusted local electricians in Athens, GA, Casteel offers dependable outlet repair and installation. Our team of certified electricians can keep your home safe from electrical problems and ensure you’ll have the power you need for your devices. Give our team a call at (770) 852-8504 to book an appointment.

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Outlet Installation and Repair Services 

Whether your outlets have experienced damage or old age, or you’re upgrading your appliances, you’ll need to repair your current outlets or upgrade them with new ones. We can do the following:

  • Install a new outlet, including the outlet box
  • Repair an electrical outlet
  • Upgrade outlets to GFCI
  • Inspect auxiliary electrical components like the circuit breaker

GFCI Outlets 

Ground-fault circuit interrupters are an important safety feature because they help prevent electrical shocks. The electrical code requires the outlets in rooms where you use water, such as bathrooms. Detailed electrical safety inspections can help you determine where you need these outlets, at which point a qualified electrician can properly upgrade them.

Atlanta, GA Electrical Wiring Repair Services

5 Reasons Your Power Outlet Is Not Working 

If you think you need to fix an outlet, you might blame faulty wiring or old age. In truth, five common problems constitute the bulk of outlet failures. Partnering with an experienced electrician can determine the real cause of the failed outlet.

1. Tripped Circuit Breaker 

Circuit breakers are essential for regulating the flow of electricity to your appliances and devices. When a surge in electricity damages your outlet or appliance, the circuit breaker trips and cuts off the flow instead.

You can easily check the circuit breaker when your outlet doesn’t work. If the circuit associated with the outlet has flipped to the off position, switch it back and try the outlet again. If your circuit breaker trips frequently, you likely have a problem with your wiring.

2. Tripped GFCI Outlet 

Much like the circuit breaker, the GFCI outlet cuts off power at the outlet rather than the circuit. Press the reset button to restore power to the outlet. If the GFCI shuts off frequently, you might require outlet repair.

3. Burned-Out Outlets 

Despite GFCI outlets and circuit breakers, a surge in power can still burn out your outlets. You must replace an outlet after a burnout, as the damage is too great for repairs. If the outlet was powering an essential appliance, like an HVAC device, water heater, or fridge, you should call for 24/7 emergency electrical services.

How can you tell you have a burned-out outlet? You’ll see blackening around the outlet or on its wires if you remove the cover, or you might even smell the burning as it occurs. It poses a serious fire hazard, so call for help immediately.

4. Half-Hot Plugs 

Half-hot outlets are those where a switch controls only one plug (usually the lower one) in the outlet. If the hot plug (the one controlled by the switch) doesn’t work, but the other plug can power a device, check the controlling switch. You likely set it off or bumped it without realizing it.

5. Loose Wires 

Loose wiring is one of the most common causes of a faulty outlet. While many homeowners prefer to check the tightness of their wires on their own, if you don’t take proper precautions, you put yourself at risk of a dangerous shock. Hiring a certified electrician is always the safest option, but if you must check the wiring yourself, shut the power off at the circuit breaker.

installing an electrical outlet in Atlanta, GA

You should address loose wires quickly because they can cause your electricity to arc. When it does, electricity jumps the gap between wires, leaving you vulnerable to fires. While rarer than cooking or heating fires, electrical fires tend to cause much more damage.

Loose wires may result from many causes, including:

  • The more you use the plug, such as connecting and removing electrical devices, the faster the wires experience wear and tear.
  • If the screws holding the outlet loosen, they can affect the tightness of the wires.
  • If you don’t properly install the outlet, it can lead to loose wires.

electrical outlet repair in Atlanta, GA

Electrical Outlet Repair and Replacement Services in Atlanta, GA 

When you need the most reliable outlet installation or repair, reach out to Casteel. With a highly qualified and experienced team, we aim for complete satisfaction after every job. From lighting installation< to inspecting your electrical system, we provide detailed and dedicated service to keep you safe.

Our reputation shines across the Atlanta metropolitan area, so whether you live in Mableton, Atlanta, Roswell, Woodstock, Dalton, Athens, or Lawrenceville, we’re always here to help. Whether it’s for a routine electrical inspection or you require emergency outlet repair, you can count on us to complete the job promptly for a competitive price.

To speak with a team member, call (770) 852-8504 today.

If you need assistance fixing or replacing the old wiring in your house, contact our team of expert electricians at (770) 852-8504 to book an appointment.

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