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Ensuring Your Warmth Throughout the Year

For more than 30 years, Casteel has provided customers skillful home solutions that exceed their expectations. When it comes to keeping your home warm during the winter, it’s important to have a system you can rely on and heating professionals you can trust when things go wrong. No matter what your heating needs may be, we guarantee that we can help you come up with the best fit for your needs – from simple tune-ups and heating repairs to full system replacement and installation services.

Customers prefer Casteel for heating replacement and installation services because:

  • We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed
  • We offer flat-rate, honest pricing upfront
  • We are clean-cut and act and dress professionally
  • We clean up any debris that may have been left from the old heating system
  • We are always on time
  • We are in direct contact with the Casteel owners
  • We are known for our prompt emergency response times

Signs You Need a Heating System Upgrade

  • It’s Very Old: Most heating systems are designed to last around 10 years. If yours is older than that, or you don’t even remember how old it is, it won’t operate as efficiently and will likely need more repairs than a newer system would.
  • It’s Making a Lot of Noise: While some furnace noises can be fixed with a repair, others can be cause for concern and signal that your heating system may be on its last leg. Keep track of how often you catch your furnace making odd noises. If it’s more often than not, you should contact a professional technician for a heating upgrade.
  • You Remodeled Your Home: If you’ve added a room to your home or downsized it, you should upgrade your heating system to accommodate the changes. Your current system may not heat the new space as efficiently.
  • You Have Poor Ductwork: Even if your furnace is in good shape, that won’t matter if your ductwork is in poor condition. Ductwork with cracks or holes can cause your system to work harder than usual. While duct sealing can sometimes be a fix, if your ducts are in very bad shape, you’re better off upgrading them.

Providing All Types of Heating Solutions in Atlanta

Sometimes the problem with your heating system is with your thermostat, not the actual heating unit itself. Thankfully, our experienced professionals are all certified Nest Pro Elite Installers and have the expertise to install these popular and trusted thermostats in your home.

If you're interested in saving on your energy bills, give us a call today! We provide free estimates for our heating replacement and installation services in Atlanta.

Your comfort is our top priority!

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