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Heating Replacement and Installation Services in Georgia

Ensuring Your Warmth Throughout the Year

Sometimes the issue with your heating system goes beyond a damaged thermostat, indicating there is a problem with the system itself. It’s never fun hearing your heating system needs to be replaced but neglecting issues for too long can end with an unexpected shutdown.

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Our team of professionals offer comprehensive heating replacement services for homes in areas of Georgia such as Atlanta, Newnan, Gainesville, Marietta, Athens, and Lawrenceville. Our technicians will work with you to choose an efficient system to help you save money on your energy bills. Give our staff a call at (770) 852-8504 to book an appointment.

Customers prefer Casteel for heating replacement and installation services because:

  • We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed
  • We offer flat-rate, honest pricing upfront
  • We are clean-cut and act and dress professionally
  • We clean up any debris that may have been left from the old heating system
  • We are always on time
  • We are in direct contact with the Casteel owners
  • We are known for our prompt emergency response times

Furnace Replacement Services

Does your gas furnace struggle to provide adequate heating throughout your home? It may be time for a replacement unit. Our team offers professional and reliable furnace replacement services for homeowners in your local area. Let our team help you decide between a high-efficiency AFUE unit or introductory lines.

Heating Replacement Services in Atlanta, GA

Heat Pump Installation Services

Looking to install a single system that could keep your home comfortable all year round? You will be delighted to know that is exactly what a heat pump can do. A heat pump system can deliver both hot and cold air, giving you better control over your indoor climate. Our professionals provide reputable heat pump and heating installation services in your neighborhood. Heat pumps are highly efficient and act as a fast and predictable heat source. Our team will help you explore the advantages of investing in a heat pump system.

5 Benefits Of Installing An Energy-Efficient Heating System

1. Lower Monthly Heating Bills

No one likes a high heating bill. Install an energy-efficient heating system in your home and watch as the bill shrinks and your satisfaction increases.

2. Smaller Carbon Footprint

Eco-conscious homeowners should know that high-efficiency heating systems use roughly 30%-50% less power than conventional systems. This means your home will use less fossil fuel energy and emit less carbon dioxide, which can positively impact the environment.

3. Longer System Life Cycle

A majority of the wear and tear in your heating system comes from the startup cycle. High-efficiency systems perform fewer startup cycles, helping save moving parts and electrical components from wearing out. This helps extend the life of the fan and belts. Our technicians provide dependable heating replacement services in Athens, GA and are available to help you pick a new system that will last for years.

4. Less Maintenance

No one likes needing to call for heating system maintenance, especially when you have to do it frequently. With an energy-efficient unit, there is less need for maintenance or repairs. These systems are better sealed, meaning less dust and debris can get in and interfere with internal parts. Since energy-efficient systems use electric ignition, you don’t have to worry about pilot light issues.

5. Increased Comfort

Your new energy-efficient heating system will likely come with a few features that will make the indoor environment more comfortable in your home. One of them is a variable-speed motor which operates at a lower speed for long durations. The result is a consistent flow of warm air throughout the home.

In addition, an advantage of hiring a professional to perform a heating replacement is choosing a heating system with an energy recovery ventilator. This feature captures heat from flue gasses and uses it to warm incoming air. It also helps your home maintain steady indoor humidity and creates a comfortable home environment.

HVAC Services

4 Signs You Need a Heating System Upgrade

1. Your System is Old

Most heating systems are designed to last around 10 years. If your system is over 10 years old, it may not operate as efficiently and will likely need more repairs than a newer system would. Our team provides innovative heating installation services in Alpharetta, GA and have the tools necessary to inspect your old heating system. Once the inspection is complete, we will be able to confirm if you need a new heating system in your house.

2. Strange Noises

While some furnace noises can be fixed with a repair, others can be cause for concern and signal that your heating system may be on its last leg. Keep track of how often you catch your furnace making odd noises. If it’s more often than not, you should contact a professional technician for a heating upgrade.

3. You Are Remodeling Your Home

If you’ve added a room to your home or downsized it, you should upgrade your heating system to accommodate the changes. Your current system may not heat the new space as efficiently.

4. Your Air Ducts Are in Poor Condition

Even if your furnace is in good shape, that will not matter if your ductwork is in poor condition. Ductwork with cracks or holes can cause your system to work harder than usual. While duct sealing can sometimes be a fix, if your ducts are in very bad shape, you are better off upgrading them.

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Heating Installation Services in Atlanta, GA and Other Areas

Whether you want to replace or install a new energy-efficient unit, heat pump, or furnace, you can rely on the technicians at Casteel for professional services. Sometimes the problem with your heating system is with your thermostat, not the actual heating unit itself. Thankfully, our experienced professionals are all certified Nest Pro Elite Installers and have the expertise to install these popular and trusted thermostats in your home.

In addition, our contractors can help you choose a new heating system for your home to help you save money on your energy bills. Our technicians provide reliable heating installation and replacement services for families in areas of Georgia such as Alpharetta, Smyrna, Athens, Woodstock, Mableton, Atlanta, and Marietta. Call us today at (770) 852-8504 or book an appointment online to receive assistance with replacing your outdated heating system.

Updates to the Regional HVAC Equipment Efficiency and Testing Standards

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