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Electrical Wiring Repair Services in Atlanta, GA

You can’t perform basic daily tasks without reliable electrical wiring in your home. When your electrical system is not at its best, contact our team of expert electricians. Our team of technicians offer reputable electrical wiring repair services for homes in areas of Georgia including Atlanta, Marietta, Newnan, Athens, Roswell, Gainesville, Lawrenceville, and Alpharetta. Contact our professionals by phone at (770) 852-8504 to book an appointment.

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Our team of certified electricians has plenty of experience repairing faulty wires and offering property owners throughout Georgia reliable wiring solutions. Give our team a call if you notice any changes in your home’s electric capabilities. We will restore your system and provide peace of mind.

Keeping Up With All Codes and Safety Standards

Our certified electricians in Gainesville, GA, abide by all regulations from the National Electrical Code. Electrical safety protocols receive updates every few years so that homeowners don’t have to worry about fire hazards. Each of our technicians receives continuous training on these codes and standards so that you and your family can stay safe.

Electrical Rewiring Services

Your home’s electrical wiring won’t last forever. In particular, older homes will need upgrades to prevent further damage and electrical fires. Fortunately, our team provides extensive electrical rewiring services in your local area and is available to help you fix a damaged system in your home.

Atlanta, GA Electrical Wiring Repair Services

Signs Your House Needs Professional Electrical Wiring Services

You won’t be able to power your most important devices and appliances without a sufficient electrical system, but how can you tell when a system is past its prime or needs a wiring upgrade? Keep an eye out for the following signs, and then contact our expert electricians for support:

Old Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring was once a staple for many electrical systems in the area. However, aluminum no longer fits the current codes, so an alternative wiring material like copper will prove much more effective. Luckily, our team of certified technicians offer comprehensive electrical wiring installation services in Atlanta, GA and have the skills necessary to replace the outdated aluminum wiring in your house.

Outdated Two-Pronged, Ungrounded Outlets

The current electrical code also deems two-pronged and ungrounded outlets unsuitable. If your house contains these receptacles, give our team of electricians a call. We will replace them with newer outlets to satisfy the latest safety standards.

Minimal Power

If your property’s circuit breaker frequently trips or you experience an internal power surge, don’t delay in scheduling our professional wiring services.

You may be facing faulty wiring or a current system that can’t handle all the devices you would like to power. Let our certified electricians inspect your house, replace any damaged wiring, and issue an electrical panel installation if you are due for an upgrade.

Burning Odors

You run the risk of an electrical fire breaking out if you notice a strange burning smell around your home and ignore it. Be sure to contact our team for emergency electrical services if these burning odors waft from your outlets or electrical devices that are in use.

Discolored Light Switches and Power Outlets

Do your light switches and outlets appear to have faded or changed color a little? Discoloration stems from a short circuit and requires swift electrical repairs. Several things can cause a short circuit, including faulty outlets and loose connections, so you will need professional repairs fast.

Circuit Breakers Are Continuously Tripping

Our electricians can upgrade your electrical system so that your circuit breakers can accommodate all of your devices. Too much strain on this system trips the breaker. If you don’t want non-functional appliances or devices, it’s best to sort out the capacity problem as soon as possible.

Serious Wiring Issues

The biggest wiring problems homeowners face happen to be short circuits and ground faults.

  • A short circuit happens when one of your live wires touches a neutral one. The neutral wire receives a huge surge of electrical power that it can’t handle, tripping the breaker.
  • A ground fault is similar but involves a live wire coming in contact with a ground wire. This is dangerous not only to your electrical system but also to anyone nearby. A ground fault produces powerful shocks if you come in contact with the affected ground wire.

Either of these wiring issues is serious enough to cause injury or system damage, so don’t wait to schedule our professional wiring services in the greater Atlanta region.

Atlanta, GA Electrical Wiring Repair Services

Benefits of Replacing Old Wiring in a House

Why settle for old, damaged wiring in your home? You can make your house much safer and more efficient by having a professional contractor from Casteel upgrade your wiring.
Here are the top benefits of our whole-home electrical wiring repair and installation services:


Overworking electrical systems risk an electrical fire. Your home will be safer when you address all of the major fire hazards stemming from your wiring, including the following:

  • Power surges
  • Exposed wires
  • Overloaded circuits


Malfunctioning electrical systems are not only dangerous, they are very inconvenient. Replacing your property’s wiring puts an end to constant circuit breaker trips, flickering lights, and more. Upgrading your system will allow you to use all of your devices when you need them.

Let our team of electrical experts make your home more functional with our innovative wiring services. We test every component to guarantee everything is in perfect working order.

Energy Efficiency

As electrical systems age, they become less efficient. Overhauling the wiring creates more effective pathways for currents to travel and minimizes your property’s overall energy usage. Plus, by replacing your wiring, you can save money on your utility costs every month thereafter.

Home Resale Value

Are you thinking of selling your home in the near future? Buyers want guarantees that any house they buy is worth it. An up-to-date electrical system won’t cost them money the moment they move in, so if you invest in brand-new wiring for your home, you increase the value of your property.

Our exceptional electrical services come at affordable prices because your investment in us deserves great returns.

Atlanta, GA Electrical Wiring Repair Services

Electrical Wiring Repair and Installation Services for Homes in Atlanta, Georgia

When you need emergency electrical services you can depend on, there is only one team for the job: Casteel. Our professionals wire homes across Georgia.

We also provide same-day and next-day electrical wiring repair and installation services in areas such as Mableton, Douglasville, Atlanta, Smyrna, Gainesville, Woodstock, Evans, and Alpharetta. Book an appointment online or call our electricians by phone at (770) 852-8504 today for top-notch electrical wiring services and more!

If you need assistance fixing or replacing the old wiring in your house, contact our team of expert electricians at (770) 852-8504 to book an appointment.

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