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Water Leak Repair Services

Do you suspect your home is experiencing a water leak? Whether you are noticing an unusually high water bill, cracks in the walls, or unexplainable wet floors, you can rely on our team of emergency plumbers to fix the issue. Our professionals offer comprehensive water leak repair services for homes in areas of Georgia such as Atlanta, Marietta, Newnan, Lawrenceville, Athens, and Gainesville. Give our technicians a call at (770) 852-8504 or book an appointment online to receive assistance with a water leak in your house.

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4 Common Types of Water Leaks in Homes

1. Water Supply Line Leaks

Buried beneath your home are water lines. Occasionally, these water lines can leak, driving up your water bill and possibly pushing water to the surface. Look out for constantly damp soil, especially if it hasn’t rained, and check the meter box to see if water made its way back into there.

2. Faucet, Shower, and Tub Leaks

Dripping faucets and shower heads are annoying to deal with and can cost you money over time. As for bathtubs, a leak issue usually has to do with the drain. Luckily, dripping faucets and shower heads are relatively easy to fix. All you need to do is determine which type of faucet you have and apply the appropriate repair method.

3. Toilet Leaks

Toilet leaks are harder to see or notice than some other types of leaks, meaning you could waste a lot of money without even realizing it. Our team of local plumbers offer water leak inspection and repair services for damaged toilets in homes. Give our technicians a call at (770) 852-8504 to receive help fixing a leaking toilet in your bathroom.

4. Whole-House Humidifier Leaks

Does your home use a forced-air central heating system? One common issue with homes that have one is a leak in the whole-house humidifier. These problems can be frustrating and can waste hundreds of gallons of water. Our team of expert plumbers can help you fix a water leak in your living space caused by a defective whole-house humidifier.

Water Leak Repair Services in Atlanta, GA

6 Signs of a Water Leak In Your Home

1. High Water Bills

Is your water bill unusually high? Unless you have had many guests over or are filling up a pool, your home is probably experiencing a water leak.

2. Sound of Running Water

Are you hearing running water? Check your faucets, toilet valves, and outdoor spigots. If everything seems fine, check your water meter and don’t use any water for a few hours. If the meter has changed in that time frame, you likely have a leak. Our team of emergency plumbers offer water leak repair services in Athens, GA and are available to help you fix damaged water pipes and broken fixtures in your house. If you hear running water, book an appointment with our team to receive support.

3. Wet Floors

Unless you or someone in your home spilled water on the floor, they shouldn’t be wet. This could be due to a sewer or pipe leak. If you don’t address it beyond cleanup, you risk the water continuing to leak and damage your floors.

4. Foul Odors

No one likes to walk into a smelly home. That foul odor you’re noticing may not be due to a lack of cleaning but a water leak somewhere in your home. Water leaks can foster mold and mildew growth that often produces an awful smell.

5. Overgrowth on the Lawn

Does your lawn have patches of grass that seem lush or areas that seem to be constantly wet? This may be a sign of a pipe leak that is supplying excess water to the soil above it.

6. Wall Cracks

Noticing cracks in the foundation or walls of your home? Over time water leaks can wear down and weaken the structure of your house. This can cause walls to shift and cracks to form, setting up a dangerous situation in your home.

Water Leak Repair and Detection Services in Atlanta, GA

Water Leak Repair Services in Atlanta, GA and Other Areas

Don’t wait for water leaks to weaken the structure of your home or drive up your utility bills any higher. Our staff of skilled plumbers provides exceptional water leak repair services for homeowners in locations such as Alpharetta, Mableton, Marietta, Atlanta, Athens, and Dalton. Contact our contractors at (770) 852-8504 or book an appointment online to receive help with a severe water leak in your house. Our professionals will help you prevent water damage and mold growth in your living space.

If you need help fixing a water leak in your house, give our plumbers a call at (770) 852-8504 to schedule an appointment.

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