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With all of the appliances and gadgets that run on electricity these days, it’s hard to imagine going a day without power. Whole-home surge protection is critical to protecting all of the electronic devices that you hold dear. At Casteel, our electricians have over 30 years of experience and know the best ways to help protect your electronics from potential hazards, such as power surges.

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What Is a Power Surge & How Can I Prevent Them?

A power surge is essentially a spike in voltage that flows through electrical lines and has the potential to destroy all of the electrical appliances and devices in your home. Many homeowners think that lightning is the only event that can result in a power surge. While lightning has the potential to put your home out of power without even striking your house, adverse weather is not the only cause for power surges.

Some of the many reasons why customers turn to Casteel to protect them from power surges include:

  • We have over 30,000 5-star reviews for our services
  • We have over 30 years of experience
  • We’re a company built on honesty
  • We take amazing care of our customers and employees
  • We dress and act professionally at all times
  • We go through extensive training and licensing
  • We’re known for being reliable
  • We offer immediate response times

When you turn to our esteemed professionals, we take great care of you by taking great care of your electrical system. We can inspect for any possible hazards, diagnose any electrical problems, and offer a low-priced solution for superior workmanship. By adding whole home surge protection to your home, you can be sure that your most expensive investments are protected.

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