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Whole-Home Rewiring Services

Are you finding it a challenge to perform daily tasks because of an insufficient electrical system? If so, you may be in need of whole-home rewiring services.

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Count on the certified electricians from Casteel, who proudly serve the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, including Marietta, Athens, Alpharetta, and the surrounding communities. Our team will get your home’s wiring in perfect condition for your peace of mind.

When Was Your House Constructed?

The age of your property determines when you need to schedule an electrical renovation. For example, newer homes usually undergo dedicated circuit installation during construction and won’t need wiring replacement any time soon. However, an older house will likely need an electrical upgrade as things start to become less efficient.

Homes Built in the 1990s

Overall, homes from the 90s have sufficient wiring. Still, minor upgrades are a possibility depending on your specific needs, such as:

  • Adding an electric vehicle charging station
  • Installing additional circuits where necessary
  • Upgrading fixtures for LED lighting

Homes Built in the 1970s

You’ll likely need electrical services if your home is from the 1970s. Home rewiring may be necessary if the existing wires feature aluminum cable instead of the standard copper material. Corrosion along the aluminum wires calls for replacement for optimum electrical safety.

Homes Built in the 1950s

Along with rewiring service, your 1950s-era home will likely need an electrical panel replacement. These two services can make your home safer and far more energy-efficient.

Homes Built in the Early 1900s

The older the home, the more electrical upgrades it needs to keep up. In these historic homes, our experts often need to replace all the wiring, upgrade service panels, and install more outlets and lighting, so let us know what you need.

How To Identify Old Wiring

If you spot knobs or tubes running throughout your home’s wires, it’s an old wiring system. These components help insulate the wires and prevent them from touching each other or hazardous materials.

If you’re unsure, let our professional electricians in Cartersville, GA, assess the condition of your home’s wiring. We’ll also let you know if it could benefit from a whole-home rewiring service.

whole home rewiring

No Ground Wiring

Modern electrical systems contain ground wiring. This key safety feature protects your appliances and other large devices during a power surge. Ground wiring isn’t always necessary, but it’s still smart to prepare your Georgia home for any type of electrical problem.

The Casteel team can apply upgrades to protect your devices from power surges. Reach out to learn more about our effective and affordable rewiring solutions.

Should You Keep Outdated Wiring?

It’s possible to keep old wiring in your home as long as it follows local codes. If you live in a historic home, you can install extensions that will restore the old wiring without removing it.

At Casteel, our technicians abide by all codes and regulations. You can trust our electrical work from start to finish.

Wiring Issues To Look For

If you have outdated knob-and-tube wiring in your home, some key indicators will tell you that it’s time to replace the wires. Our knowledgeable staff can schedule that home rewiring service and ensure that your electrical system doesn’t have any fire hazards. So, schedule an electrical safety inspection with Casteel if you notice any of the following warning signs:

Damaged Wire Insulation

The protective layer of insulation around your wires won’t be as effective if it’s damaged or no longer there. You should not be able to see any part of an exposed wire. If insulation is not surrounding the metal wires in your home, it’s a sign that you need to replace the system

Wiring Surrounded by Insulation

You don’t want building insulation to come in contact with your property’s electrical wires. The same materials that help your home retain its indoor temperature are a fire hazard for any electrical wiring that travels through your attic or the walls along your home’s exterior.

Exposed Splices

A telltale sign that you need home rewiring is if you have exposed splices outside the electrical box. These wires often come wrapped in plastic electrical tape to mitigate the damage. However, you need a permanent solution that only a professional electrician can provide.

Fuses in a Fuse Box

Your biggest electronic devices and appliances require as much as 50 amps of power to operate inside your home. Housing these powerful fuses in a box that only accommodates 15 amps indicates it’s time for an upgrade. You’ll avoid overloading the circuit when you replace the fuse box as part of an electrical rewiring job.

Atlanta, GA Electrical Wiring Repair Services

Electrical Rewiring Services in Atlanta, Georgia

When you’re in need of residential rewiring, Casteel is your go-to source for professional home rewiring at an affordable rate. We help Georgia homeowners in Woodstock, Douglasville, and nearby communities ensure their electrical upgrades are safe and accurate.

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Atlanta, GA Electrical Wiring Repair Services

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