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Smoke Detector Services in Georgia


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Smoke detectors are arguably the most important components in your home. Well maintained smoke detectors save lives by providing you with the early warning signs of smoke or fire.

Building codes are always changing in an effort to save lives and reduce injuries that result from smoke damage and fires. Today, safety codes require smoke detectors to be installed in virtually every room of your home. Fortunately, our expert Atlanta electricians stay up to date with all of the changing health codes and safety regulations and can ensure that your home has smoke detectors that meet the regulated requirements.

5 Things to Do to Keep Your Smoke Detector Working Properly

Some important smoke detector tips to keep in mind include:

  • Have smoke detectors installed in all code-compliant areas
  • Test smoke detectors monthly for proper functioning
  • Replace batteries at least once a year or use long-life batteries
  • Clean smoke detectors annually
  • Replace your smoke detector every 7-10 years

Keep in mind that your smoke detectors need to be maintained regularly, tested monthly, and replaced every 7-10 years. Our professional electricians can perform any smoke detector service you may need to give you peace of mind. We can also provide you with 10-year batteries to keep you from being awoken by obnoxious beeps in the middle of the night.

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