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Are Bath Bombs Safe For My Plumbing?

Are Bath Bombs Safe For My Plumbing?

Bath bombs are one of the most popular trends around right now. While they’re intended to provide you with aromatherapy, relaxation, and stress relief, that’s not the only effect they can have. If you’re not careful, those bath bombs may leave you with some plumbing issues that cause you even more stress than you had to begin with.

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Are Bath Bombs Safe for My Plumbing?

Not exactly, no. The ingredients used to make those bath bombs can actually wreak havoc on your bathroom plumbing. Here’s how:

They’re Made with Oil

The main reason you’re able to use bath bombs for aromatherapy is because they contain essential oils. While those lavender and lemongrass scents are meant to relax you and calm your nerves after a long day, when you drain your tub, those oils go down the drain with the water.

Remember that you should never let oil go down your drain — yes, even small amounts of essential oils — because if oils solidify in your drains, you’ll be left with some annoying clogs.

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The Salt Can Clump Together

The base ingredient for bath bombs is Epsom salt, and while that salt typically always dissolves, if it doesn’t, it can clump together and get stuck in your drain or in your jets if you have a jacuzzi tub.

They Use Non-Salt Items

A lot of fancier bath bombs will contain pieces of flowers, tiny toys, or even glitter, none of which should go down your drain. Lavender or other flower petals may not drain easily, and any and all of that glitter could stick to the sides of your tub — what a mess.

Should I Not Use Bath Bombs?

We aren’t going to tell you to deny yourself a little R&R, but just be careful when you use bath bombs. Don’t use them too often so you can avoid having oil go down your drain, and place any bath bombs with flowers in mesh bags so the petals stay contained. Lastly, if you’re thinking about using a bath bomb with glitter in it, just don’t.

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