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Ever since you were a kid, you’ve been told to turn off the lights, TV, and other electronics before leaving a room so you don’t waste electricity. Well, what if we told you that, even if you do turn off your electronics, you could still be using electricity, without even knowing it?

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Let us fill you in on a something called “vampire electricity.”

What is Vampire Electricity?

Vampire electricity is power that is still used by your electronic devices even when they are powered off. This type of electricity use can sometimes account for up to 20% of your utility bill. Think about that — 20% of your electricity bill can be caused by power you’re not even actively using!

How Do Devices Keep Using Electricity?

Believe it or not, even when they’re powered off (or in sleep or standby mode) many devices still use energy — typically to record data, connect to servers, or update themselves.

In other words, your TV may be off, but it’s basically just waiting until you need to use it again. The same thing goes for computers — even when it’s closed, your charging laptop is still connecting to your wifi and performing updates.

What Devices Use Vampire Electricity?

While basically any plugged-in device can use vampire electricity, there are a few kinds of devices that are more guilty than others.


Because most chargers have wall warts (plugs that connect to large boxes) they are huge culprits for vampire electricity use. Wall warts pull and store energy even when they’re not actively charging a device.


Not only are TV’s always on standby mode, but think about all of the devices that are plugged into your TV as well. Your cable box, surround-sound stereo system, and video game console all use energy while they wait to be powered on.

Preventing Vampire Electricity

Unplug It

Simply put, if you’re not using an appliance or charger, unplug it so it doesn’t suck any energy from your home.

Use Power Strips

Since you probably don’t want to (and can’t) unplug certain appliances everytime you’re not using them, plug them into power strips instead so you can cut the power to multiple devices at once.

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