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Federal Pacific and Zinsco Electrical Panel Replacement Service

Federal Pacific and Zinsco are both manufacturers of electrical panels that were recalled in a class action law suit from 2002. Both of these brands of electrical panels were quite popular in homes even here in Atlanta; Federal Pacific panels were installed from the 1950’s – 1980’s and Zinsco panels were in demand during the 1970’s. If your home was built prior to the 1990’s, it is a great idea to have your electrical panel evaluated by a licensed electrician to assure your safety.

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Federal Pacific Panel Recall

Millions of Federal Pacific electrical panels were manufactured and sold up until the 1980’s. As one of the most popular electrical panels in the United States, millions of homes may be effected. These panels may still send power to the circuits even in the off setting causing the potential of electrocution or fires. If the circuit does not trip or turn off when necessary, it can overheat and cause fires or appear to be in a “non power” state with electricity surging through the circuits; placing the homeowner in an unsafe situation. Insurance companies may even require a higher premium if you have a Federal Pacific electrical panel in your home. If you have one of these panels, you will see a label with “Federal Pacific” on it or “Stab-Loc,” printed on the circuits themselves.

Zinsco Panel Recall

While Zinsco too was part of a major recall and lawsuit, the company no longer exists. Thousands of homes around the country may still have these malfunctioning and known hazardous electrical panels installed. Zinsco panels were quite popular during the 1970’s. The circuits have been reported to not “trip” when necessary and actually melt the circuits instead of safely shutting the power off. Even with an overloaded circuit, Zinsco electrical panels have been known to not trip causing fires due to the excessive heat. You panels may have a Zinsco label on it, or possibly a “Sylvania” or a “GTE Sylvania” label somewhere inside of the electrical panel itself. These require immediate attention by a licensed electrician to diagnose if it is indeed a Zinsco electrical panel that requires replacing.

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