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One of the scary realities of living in a coastal state is the risk of being hit by a hurricane. These storms can have devastating effects on your home, the least of which can be a lack of power. While you’d hope a storm-caused blackout won’t last too long, having a backup generator can get rid of any concern you may have about your general power.

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That being the case, there are a number of reasons why you need a generator during hurricane season.

Generators keep your lights on.

Forget sitting in the dark. Generators keep your lights on so you can remain in your home (barring evacuation orders) comfortably and safely.

Your appliances will stay on.

Think about how uncomfortable your home will feel if a power outage shuts off your AC in the middle of a storm. When you have a generator, your appliances stay powered on, and you don’t have to weather a hurricane covered in sweat.

You won’t have to waste food.

One of the worst consequences of blackouts is having to throw out so much food because it went bad while your fridge was off. A generator will keep your fridge running so you don’t have to waste food, and consequently, money.

You won’t have to go outside for power.

Standby generators automatically detect a power outage and turn themselves on, saving you the hassle (and sometimes safety risk) of having to go outside during a hurricane to keep your home’s power on.

You can reduce downtime when recovering your business.

If you’re a small business owner, you could lose a ton of revenue if you have to spend days waiting for the power to turn back on, replacing perishable supplies, and getting your business in smooth-running order again after a hurricane.

If you have a generator powering your business during the storm, you won’t have to waste that time, and you can get back to earning a living.

You can keep your kids (and pets) calm.

While you can easily understand that a storm can cause a temporary power outage, your kids and pets typically can’t grasp that concept as easily. Being in the dark can easily frighten them, adding more anxiety to an already stressful situation.

Having a generator to keep the lights on and allow you to put on the kids’ favorite movie can help keep your household calm.

Keep the Power on with Casteel.

Whether your power is out for a few minutes or weeks on end, our power generators can give you a peace of mind when it comes to dealing with the unpredictable.

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